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Searchable Q&A of the Global Lead Advice & Support Service (GLASS)

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  Questions & Answers 2004
  1. Where can I get information regarding the effects of orris root
  2. Testing for lead stored in bones. Lead & renal function
  3. Best treatment for 8 yr old exposed to lead as a foetus via mother's work with ceramic pastes, screen-printing
  4. Could a lodged lead bullet in pelvic area cause hypertension/kidney disease after 19 yrs?
  5. How do I go about getting soil in my vegetable garden checked for lead levels?
  6. Lead contaminated soil sample collection in WA
  7. What's my likely lead exposure from working in Turkey 20 years
  8. Safe handling and disposal of lead flashing from roof
  9. What difference would it make if pets were kept outside?
  10. Climate change campaigner meeting with lead campaigner in Sydney
  11. Attic dust studies and the methodology used for clean-up
  12. Supplier/brand names of HEPA air filtration devices
  13. Aero bore operator with high blood lead level during pregnancy
  14. Effects of lead in our ecosystem & lead poisoning from Broken Hill lead
  15. Lead in your system
  16. The effects of lead in the smelting environment
  17. Non-leaded solder for repair of leaded pipe organ pipes
  18. Doctors who carry out chelation therapy for lead poisoning
  19. Info for school project on Lead Mining
  20. Is Tooth lead testing available?
  21. The relationship between ICI and Dulux
  22. Leaded pipe organ pipes
  23. Chronically elevated PbBs (20-30 g/dL) and long term health effects
  24. Surveys linking users of lead-containing hair products with dementia
  25. When should a baby first be blood lead tested & how often after that?
  26. Lead programs in Indonesia
  27. Lead testing in Melbourne
  28. Availability of Lead Paint Management information
  29. Do you know of any chelating centres in Queensland?
  30. Short & long term effects of exposure to fumes from leaded gasoline in Madagascar
  31. Leaded organ pipes are usually made of a tin/lead alloy of PVC
  32. Lead free solders, leadlight windows and pipe organ pipes
  33. Info for setting assessment criteria for the new training package BCG03
  34. lack of Australian foetal lead poisoning prevention measures
  35. Lead-trained Queensland painters & risks of lead poisoning in old houses
  36. Removal of paint & disposal or re-painting of old lead-painted wood
  37. Is a persistent sweet taste in the mouth a symptom of lead poisoning?
  38. Lead poisoning case study in Western Sydney
  39. How does lead harm the body?
  40. Obtaining lead-free solder in Australia
  41. Is there such a thing as lead free pvc stormwater pipe?
  42. Pb - trans-placental transport & uptake by foetal neurons & osteoblasts
  43. Ensuring lead safe housing before a baby is conceived
  44. The cellular mechanisms of lead transport and the cellular uptake of lead
  45. Multiple copies of info packs for TAFEs in Victoria
  46. Lead in paint now $7.70 for one and $11.00 for two tests
  47. Obtaining copies of info on lead paint management
  48. Lead-free electronics in Australia... When & how?
  49. Lead handout for playgroup parents
  1. Which companies mine lead in Australia & what damage do they do to the environment & workers?
  2. Absorption of Grecian Formula thru the scalp & cleaning up after use
  3. A group similar to The LEAD Group in the U.S
  4. Risks of lead lighting for breastfeeding mothers
  5. New environmental standard for all lead projectiles
  6. Recommended ceiling dust removalists & lead test kits
  7. Treatment for lead poisoning & what to avoid
  8. Distributors of D-Lead de-leading soap products in the USA
  9. Assignment on lead for medical degree + global leaded petrol phase-out
  10. Lead Assessors in Melbourne
  11. Making a leadlight cabinet lead-safe
  12. How can I repair [lead-safely] the roof of a small stain glass house?
  13. Cobalt and lead in degradable polyethylene bags using the "TDPA" system
  14. link exchange for Warhammer
  15. What type of paint is used on Singer Treadle sewing machines?
  16. I would like to become a painter and I need some experience
  17. Can lead crystal be used for short periods of time by adults?
  18. laboratory test for lead in paint for the home renovator is available
  19. details for ANI-Bradken & Analytical Services Tasmania
  20. Bismuth for making bismuth fishing sinkers
  21. Contact details for the International Crystal Federation
  22. ceiling dust contractor
  23. Lead lighting in side board
  24. What supplements are recommended for preconception care and throughout pregnancy?
  25. Ceiling dust cleaning contractors for Melbourne
  26. Get blood lead testing done
  27. Making and having leadlights with a 6 yr old in the home
  28. Total cost including shipping of water filter to Ghana
  29. Do glass marbles sold in Canada in the early 1970s contain lead?
  30. Consolidated Alloys does sell Bismuth
  31. Learning/Lead Poisoning
  32. Best Management Practices for lead at outdoor shooting ranges
  33. Contractors and a specification for bridge paint removal
  34. Is there a clinic in Europe specialising in heavy metal treatment?
  35. Appropriate disposal of lead painted wood
  36. Protection of workers melting lead for mass weight
  37. Lead paint in 3 year olds bedroom
  38. Risk of lead poisoning from Russian lead crystal glasses
  39. Taiwan agent for lead ingots and alloys
  40. The best method for removal of lead based paint from the exterior of a 'shiplap' weatherboard house
  41. Management of paint on old damp walls
  42. Who was the Queensland doctor who researched nephritis & lead?
  43. What to do after getting blood lead testing done
  44. Do I really need to take all the elaborate lead-safe precautions when re-painting?
  45. Can you direct me to nutritional or other advice on treatment for lead poisoning?
  46. When was lead paint banned in Australia? 
  47. Ceiling dust on ventilation mesh
  48. What anti-stress techniques work for lead poisoned teenagers with ADHD?
  49. Long term risks of leadlighting and precautions you can take
  50. Qualified specialist for removing dust
  51. Lead contamination in soil
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