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  QUESTION: Lead programs in Indonesia, 19 Jul 2004, East Java Indonesia

Hi Liz,

Still remember me? Susy, Hope so...

How are you and everybody now? Who is still there?

I'm running a pharmacy and clinic business right now in Indonesia, joining with The Medicine Shoppe Inc. and APL inc ( for the pharmaceutical, and some doctors and specialist for the clinic. I have GP, Internist, Cardiologist, Dentist, Eye Specialist, Nerve Specialist, Gynaecologist, Skin Specialist, Eye Nose and Throat Specialist, Lung Specialist, Acupuncture (Hope I named them right, don't know how to call in English) and also a blood test Clinic named (BIO TEST)

I'm eager to have lead education in Indonesia, especially Surabaya. Is there any program for Indonesia? I believe you are the best person to ask.

Please reply back Liz, I really miss u and miss to hear all the lead programs!

You must be surprised I am working in this area!!

Waiting for your reply.

Miss you
Say my regards to David and all your children.

ANSWER: 19 Jul 2004

Dearest Susy,

Of course I remember my favourite information officer of all time!! My memory is now bad but it's not that bad!

Congratulations on running a clinic. This is wonderful news. I always knew you would do well at whatever you do. Are you still with Ferdy? Please send him my regards.

Unfortunately I don't know of any lead programs in Indonesia but with your wonderful new job, you have all the makings of a lead program right there in your own clinic. You really only need a GP to order the blood lead tests and maybe a nurse to take the blood and a pathology lab to do the test. You could ask the doctor to offer a blood lead test to any adult who has a job or hobby involving lead (and their children should be tested too) and you could use the sorts of questions at Childhood Lead Poisoning Risk Factor Questionnaire to determine which other children should have a blood lead test. Once someone is found to have an elevated blood lead level, then use Sources of Lead to determine their sources of lead (remembering that there may be some sources of lead in Indonesia that we don't know about yet) and then advise the patient on how to get rid of the lead source. Chelation drugs may be available in Indonesia but they are certainly available on the web for the treatment of lead poisoning. Let me know what else you'd like to know.

I think the following would be the more usual names in English for the specialists in your clinic:

Eye Specialist = Eye Surgeon or Ophthalmologist, Nerve Specialist = Neurologist, Gynaecologist = Gynaecologist, Eye Nose and Throat Specialist = Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Specialist, Lung Specialist = Respiratory Specialist.

David has moved to the country in Victoria (near the South Australia border) so he just does the website now. I miss having someone to fix the computers every day. They are all tragically slow now except for mine - thank Goodness. I work most of the time by myself, except for when volunteers come in, as we have no money for wages our funding is so reduced ($24,000/annum). Harry (13 yrs) does the post-outs for me - he's very responsible. Eric (16 yrs) is studying for the Higher School Certificate now and Alex (19 yrs) is working in market surveying but wants to become a stuntman. How is your family going?

It's lovely to hear from you and I hope you are well and happy and will write again soon.

All my love
Elizabeth O'Brien

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