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Searchable Q&A of the Global Lead Advice & Support Service (GLASS)

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Lead related Q & A

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Questions & Answers 2010
  1. Is there an easier/cheaper way to find out if there's lead in paint, besides the Comprehensive lead test kit?

  2. Is it safe for my partner to keep lead metal at home in the garage?

  3. Where can I have my drinking water / tap water tested for general water quality?

  4. What is the maximum acceptable lead content in adult's fashion jewellery in Australia?

  5. Do you have a list of doctors or clinics for lead poisoning management after 27 yrs of smelter work?

  6. How do I empty the vacuum container safely (it's bag-less) and test for residue of lead?

  7. Could you please advise us where we could get IV chelation in Queensland?

  8. Who can help with occupational lead poisoning in Colombia?

  9. Would your kits be suitable for testing lead in soil for veggie garden & soil which needs to be removed?

  10. There's organic lead in bullets too & no one knows the blood lead level of someone off the street in Australia

  11. Could my flaking paint test4lead kit result be a false positive, or should I break my lease now?

  12. Should I be testing the house for lead and getting a blood test after renovating 12 months ago?

  1. How can I be sure that lead is not leaching from ceramic ware into our food?

  2. What is the lead level allowed in children’s toys imported into Australia and how do I test?

  3. Where can we take lead paint flakes in Sydney to be disposed of in the right manner?

  4. Is it possible to purchase one of your lead test kits for use here in the USA?

  5. Do you know of a medical doctor in Massachusetts who could treat my husband's lead poisoning?

  6. In Kalbarri WA, can lead tailings be distributed by wind and at what distance can they travel?

  7. Who can help explain the detrimental effects of lead to Shymkent Kazakhstan city politicians?

  8. Would my baby be a risk of lead poisoning by way of breastfeeding if I practice at a lead-using shooting range?

  9. Please help me I have high lead I am on 48 and my work don't want to know about it?

  10. What are the dangers of lead poisoning for our health if we move to Broken Hill?

  11. Has lead exposure from living in a house with leadlight windows been researched?

  12. Are your lead poisoning symptoms abating as treatment continues?

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