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Searchable Q&A of the Global Lead Advice & Support Service (GLASS)

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Lead related Q & A

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Questions & Answers 2009
  1. Is there a listing available for candle toxin levels or wax types or such by manufacturer?

  2. Where can I find information about mining fatalities in Oz?

  3. What are the Australian standards for jewellery charms imported from China containing lead?

  4. Landlord exposed my young family and pets to lead paint in extremely poor condition for three years

  5. What do we do now we know our 3 yr old has been chewing a lead painted door?

  6. Is there a blood, skin, hair etc test that can be done at home?

  7. Would glazed tiles be safe on the floor of an aquarium for discus fish?

  8. References regarding cessation of lactation due to lead or mercury fume exposure

  9. Is a cot of unknown age, with flaking paint, a lead risk for 4 yr old?

  10. Is there a recommended paint contractor in Victoria for lead paint management?

  11. Is 8 g/dL a serious blood lead result for a guy who melts lead when making embossing seals?

  12. Was/is lead added to acrylic paints as well as enamels?

  13. Which paint brands on the market today in Australia are safe and without any lead content?

  14. How can I confirm if my parents were exposed to lead & what remedy should be put in place to recover?

  15. Should I have hair analysis because the blood test "is only effective when there has been recent exposure to lead"?

  16. A safe, natural product that removes lead and other heavy metals from the body without side effects?

  17. Would black inner city dust today contain as much lead as it did 20 years ago?

  18. Do insulation installers have to clean the ceiling dust before starting their installation?

  19. What kind of doctor does my 14 year old need to see for testing if he was lead poisoned when 3?

  20. I believe there is no safe level of lead in children's jewellery. Do you agree?

  21. Do you know anyone else who has suffered lead poisoning as a result of using Grecian Formula hair colour restorer?

  22. Is the solder in the Eco Billy camping product lead free?

  23. Effects of various blood lead levels in children. What's regarded as a high PbB in Broken Hill?

  24. Could you advise the name of a good doctor in Australia who has lots of experience in lead poisoning?

  25. Could there be lead vapors/dust coming out of the drywall, where my landlord cut a hole in to fix a pipe, causing my symptoms?

  26. If cabinets bought in Beijing have a strong smelling paint, could it be lead paint?

  27. Who and where do I contact for a sample of BATCURE to test in agriculture?

  28. How much of a danger does handling leaded PVC electrical appliance cords present?

  29. Any advice to find proof that exposure to lead acid batteries caused my problems?

  30. How much of a danger does handling leaded PVC electrical appliance cords present?  2

  31. Could I please have a box of the "Lead Alert: The 6 Step Guide to Painting your Home" booklets?

  32. Has any research ever been undertaken on telecommunications workers and their families in this line of work?

  1. Do you have a contact on the Gold Coast to have the roof void cleaned?

  2. How could I check if lead solder was used in my water piping and/or how could I test the levels of Lead in the water?

  3. How Can I get free tackle samples from your company?

  4. How do I make sure my child and I are safe during old lathe and plaster and paint removal on wood floors and molding?

  5. Is ingesting 0.06 grams per month of a Chinese herbal supplement containing 1.5 parts per million lead unhealthy?

  6. I had a hair test with lead levels off the chart. What should be my next step?

  7. My tankwater runs over lead flashing on the roof of my rental home?

  8. As I see it the problem in South Africa is Lead ON Paint and not Lead IN Paint?

  9. Cost & contractors for removal of lead paint from outside and inside an old building?

  10. How do we prevent lead poisoning when the neighbour has sanded lead paint all over our yard & into the house?

  11. Is it safe to live next door to a petrol station?

  12. Does oral chelation work & where can you purchase the drug in Australia?

  13. List of countries still selling leaded gasoline + Do you know when Kenya stopped selling leaded gasoline?

  14. Pre-natal & early childhood exposure to PAH is on a par with exposure to lead re: IQ loss?

  15. Can you test aluminium cooking pots to determine their lead content?

  16. RE: lead-tainted chocolate & the sources of lead being found in cacao as a result of processing?

  17. Is there a list of Chelation Therapy Practitioners in Country Queensland?

  18. Are you interested in having some staff trained to collect oral fluid to measure lead in it?

  19. Are the IKEA glass candle holders OK to use for drinking glasses?

  20. Re: your article on soot from scented candles: were they soy or paraffin wax, cotton wicks?

  21. Do you know of anyone in the US who is capable of providing a tooth lead test?

  22. Can air purifiers really remove particulates as small as 1 micron?

  23. Information on all the possible effects of lead on the human body & best tests for lead?

  24. My 14 year old daughter is about to learn soldering in class next term. Am I being over cautious?

  25. How do you clean lead dust off books and electronic items such as stereo, playstation, TV etc?

  26. Could lightly sanding 2 doors with sandpaper be enough exposure to lead dust to cause my miscarriage at 11 wks?

  27. Does every child who has lead in their blood have stunted growth?

  28. Can lead paint be used on Historic Buildings in Australia?

  29. Which type of 'removal system' would be safest for an 83 year old man with suspected high levels of lead?

  30. I wish to strip and repaint an old iron paling fence - what would be the safest way to strip and clean it?

  31. Does a crane with >1% Pb paint imported from China obey the relevant Australian regulations/law on lead?

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