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  QUESTION: Best treatment for 8 year old exposed to lead as a foetus via mother's work with ceramic pastes, screen-printing, 08 Dec 2004, South Australia

I worked with lead based ceramic pastes, screen-printing while pregnant. son born at 36 weeks 1730g. since birth has had a few minor learning probs. lack of hand dominance required therapy. now at eight years behaviour problems have become a major struggle. suspended from school due to anger out-bursts and a total lack of self control. help! where do we go from here. I have had several lead blood tests myself due to miscarriages. I was advised at the time not to even try conceiving until my levels dropped. doctors don't seem interested, they say at eight years old it is to hard to try and prove anything. I am not trying to blame anyone. just want to provide best treatment for my son. please advise best treatment

ANSWER: 10 Dec 2004

Dear Vicky,

Now that you have provided an email address with your second inquiry, I will take the opportunity to respond to your first inquiry by email as we have no paid staff at all and email is quicker. It's good that you are going to have a tooth lead test done on your son's baby teeth because that is the best and also one of the few options available to you to ascertain his exposure during the foetal and early childhood stages. The problem then will be to find a doctor who understands what the tooth lead result means and how to proceed from there. You could try phoning ACNEM (Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine) in Melbourne on 0395896088 Practitioner Listing to ask whether they have trained an Adelaide doctor in chelation. I'm not qualified to suggest the best treatment, especially without any lead results for your son and no quantified results for yourself, but I know that finding a practitioner that you trust is the best guarantee of finding the most appropriate treatment. I moderate an e-group which may be able to help you. Although it is primarily for parents of lead poisoned autistic children, the kinds of treatments that are discussed by the e-group members (you can read the whole archive of posts once you become a member) will be of interest to you. You can join up by going to or if you send me an email requesting it, I can join you up manually. You may also be interested in some of the alternative treatments available such as far infra red sauna, alkaline water and Quantronic Resonance System (QRS). See or contact High Tech Health on Freecall 1800505108 to ask if there is a practitioner using such alternatives in your area. Nutrition is very important for lead poisoned people so have a look at "Fight Lead Poisoning With a Healthy Diet" at Was your son ever blood lead tested and do you have any of your own blood lead results? I would be very interested to receive them. I assume that you were working in electronics and I wonder whether there are other workers still being exposed to lead through screen-printing ceramic pastes. Your WorkCover Corporation SA ought to be interested in such issues (ph sw 82332222, S.A.only 1800188000) and you may also want to ask them if lead exposure is still causing such problems in the industry and what WorkCover is doing about it. South Australia is a state apart in NOT having a notification system for excessive blood lead levels among workers. You have the experience to make you a perfect candidate to be a campaigner for such basic protective measures for workers as notifiability of blood leads. I'd be very keen to hear from you again.

Yours Sincerely
Elizabeth O'Brien

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