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  QUESTION: Availability of Lead Paint Management information. 23 May 2004, Queensland Australia


I am a painting contractor involved in the repainting and renovation of Queenslanders/houses and have a high risk of lead involved in my job. I have been involved in this job for 25 years.

No matter where I look on the internet or in the government sites, paint stores/anywhere ,I cannot get the Australian standards information complete that the "EXPERTS" speak of (Let alone know where to get it) Would it not be better to be able to access the information easily. I have at least 40 other painters that I know and they all say the same thing. Some don't have internet access either. Some have never seen any kind of literature, let alone have any sent to them?

We pay a fee to the BSA as painting contractors for the last 10 years (They happily take our money) and not once are we sent any kind of paperwork on Australian standards, just mumbo jumbo when the inspector rocks up at the painting site about this standard and that standard and how we are breaking the law, What law we aren't told and if we aren't told then who is? We are the ones this is important to and our customers.

I have even asked the Health and safety inspector if he could supply the higher risk painters with a copy and he said, No because of copyright.

Just who are they trying to keep safe? or is it just a money raising thing.

I am interested in your response and perhaps a place to access this information, so I can pass it on.

I would be very happy to put a link to it on my site.

Gregory Horder
Brisbane Qld

ANSWER: 24 Jun 2004

Dear Gregory,

Your frustration at the situation about lead paint management standards seems to be a very good reflection of my own frustration that this information is not getting to the people who need it. In my most cynical moments, I definitely believe that Standards Australia is a money-making venture and really nothing to do with setting standards and ensuring that they are attained. I don't know anything about the Queensland Building Services Authority (BSA) but I believe it is vital that they hear your complaint and that the Minister for Industrial Relations hears it too. Having just looked at the BSA website Building Services Authority Qld - if their aim is truly "Improving Standards, Equity and Confidence in the building industry", then they will definitely be interested to respond positively to your excellent suggestions about their duty to proactively provide painting contractors with information about standards.
The best article I know of which discusses the relevant standard is "AS 4361.2 Lead - Guide To Lead Paint Management - Preventing Lead Poisoning In Australia" by Michelle Calvert in Specifier Vol 7 Issue 2.

What the BSA inspector should have explained more clearly to you is that the standard - AS 4361.2 - 1998 Guide To Lead Paint Management - Part 2: Residential And Commercial Buildings - can be downloaded from for approximately $70. Contact or to buy Standards phone 1300654646.
The only free government guidelines on lead paint management in Australia that are provided on the internet are:

  1. Lead Alert - The Six Step Guide To Painting Your Home - Fourth Edition by Environment Australia - AND Useful Links
  2. A Renovatorís Guide to the Dangers of Lead
  3. Part of A Renovatorís Guide to the Dangers of Lead is available on-line at and
  4. Working with lead-based paint Workplace Health and Safety Queensland

If you and your 40 colleagues would like free copies of these government guidelines, or indeed any number of them, then please provide an address and I'll post a box full!
I certainly hope to hear from you when you next write, that this solves a lot of your needs but I would encourage you to also write to your Minister for Industrial Relations because it does not seem that there is any regulatory requirement upon government agencies (who are in the perfect position to provide the right information to the right people at the right time that would prevent lead poisoning and lead contamination) to proactively provide information. Instead the regulations have inspectors running around threatening to fine people when they could prevent the need to do this by informing them in the first place. When it comes to lead poisoning, prevention is the only cure.I look forward to hearing from you

Yours Sincerely
Elizabeth O'Brien

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