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Green LeadTM is the use of best practice to all aspects of mining, transport, manufacture, use and reuse of Lead in order to minimise people and planet exposure to Lead.

Hazard Awareness .doc Order form for video tapes on safe handling of hazardous materials from FutureMedia Pty Ltd. 56 KB

Heritage Pressure Cleaning Specialists in lead paint removal, services, products and examples, paint removal, high pressure cleaning. Email_Address

Idoya, Inc. state on their website in English and Japanese [ and ]: "Our PVC pipe for drinking water supply has no artificial color and no lead used in the extrusion molding process. You don't need to worry about eluting lead out of PVC pipe. Easy to recycle and it can be used as a green product. We have a variety of size available. Please contact us Email Address to find out more details. "Using Iplex Pipelines PVC products that comply with AS/NZS 4020 eliminates the risk that the extraction of lead from the pipe system could contribute to a high lead content in rain water collected for drinking purposes."

Knit Happens Pure beeswax candles, nothing added. Non lead wick. Unscented and smoke free. Online store to purchase 100% pure beeswax candles. Email_Address

The Green MachinePCM Enviro’s The "Green Machine", extracts approximately 95 percent of lead shot from the ground. It is collected in 44 gallon drums weighing 1.25 tonnes each, and recycled "for such purposes as bullets, batteries, boat keels, ballast and even straight back to new shot gun cartridges." The Green Machine.wmv Requires Windows Media Player Or Real Player.

Please note that The LEAD Group is not affiliated with the Green Machine and PCM Enviro and is unable to provide further information. For more information For more invormation please contact Paul Mitchell - Mobile: +61 415965423 and Craig Mitchell - Mobile: +61 414417136, Email , Euroa Victoria 3666.

Lead Battery Recycling Lead Battery Recycling world is an exclusive Business Portal for Lead Manufacturing and Lead User Industries.

Let’s Clean & Heim Surface Technologies Specialist in captive water blasting with vacuum extraction. hire, lease or contracting of water rinsing equipment and supplier of Heritage No. 1 Natural paint removal poultice for removal of lead paint.

LOCAL HEROES: Australian crusades from the environmental frontline, buy this book to find out what you can do about lead, at the discounted price of only $10.00

LockUpLead is a revolutionary product for neutralizing lead. It can be used to neutralize leaded paint during renovation, or can be used to neutralize lead dust around older windows and doors. Email_Address Phone: 502-459-6339 Louisville, Kentucky, USA

MAC Coatings Pty Ltd specialises in the application of protective coatings and linings to ensure long term asset protection. Provide corrosion control for construction, manufacturing, engineering and commercial assets, servicing government, petrochemical and private industries. Our team of experienced applicators have the expertise and equipment to conduct a wide range of application methods to suit the client’s needs, including: Abrasive Blasting; Epoxy Coatings; Spray Applications; High Build Industrial Coatings; Commercial Coatings; High Pressure Water Blasting; Floor Coatings; Denso Wrapping; Non Slip Coatings; Decorative Coatings. Rory and Daniel McElligott of MAC Coatings both attended the Master Painters of Victoria on 10/08/2012 and obtained accreditation in CPCCPD3031A " Implement Safe Lead Paint and Asbestos Work Practices in the Painting Industry". Rory and Daniel are also members of the Master Painters
Association of Victoria (MPAV). Email_Address

Men in White Painting was "Highly Commended Heritage / Restoration" in the MPA (NSW) Awards for Excellence 2012. Rohan Calvert (Dept. Problem Solving) from Men in White completed a course of training in Management of Lead Paint in 2008 and has been listed on the Master Painters Australia Federal Register Of Lead-Safe Painting Contractors.

Nevis House  Consultancy and sales agent for  tungsten manufacturers including radiation shielding products, represents manufacturers in Europe that produce tungsten balancing weights and vibration dampeners that substitute lead in high performance cars, in fly wheels, turbines, in aircraft rotor blades and in elevator counterbalances. The tungsten also replaces lead in white goods and in electronics markets and also substitutes Lead in sports equipment like golf clubs. Email_Address

Nitto Denko now lead free pdf. Introducing the world’s first lead free plastic electrical and duct tape. Which means it’s safer to use and more environmentally friendly than any other tape available. It also retains all the qualities Nitto tape is famous for - excellent workability, superior cold and heat resistance and strong adhesion properties. For details on where to purchase, see It's critical that people know how damaging lead really is - especially to the unborn and newly born child's brain. A good source of information about WHY we need to avoid products containing lead and mercury is found in the book "LEAD BABIES" By Joanna Cerazy and Sandra Cottingham. Learn more about lead and the impact it has on health on this blog site which is devoted to lead education .You might be interested to find out what the co-authors of  the book ''LEAD BABIES" have to say on:

Northern Light candles are free from paraffin, palm oil, soy oil or any other hazardous ingredient. Our safe, all natural ingredients include the finest, hand picked Australian beeswax, cotton wick, and translucent porcelain. The oil, bees wax and production facilities are all food grade. There is no harm to bee, environment or person in the making of our lights." [Ref:  accessed 15/6/07] According to the Managing Director, Northern Light candles have never contained lead wicks or any other metal wicks and their candles are never painted - so as to avoid the possibility of heavy metals in the artists paints that other candle makers carelessly apply. Email Address

Northern Smelters  The main products produced now by Northern Smelters Pty Ltd are tin anodes and tin-based alloys such as lead-free electronics solder and lead-free pewter. They make lead-based alloys for specific industries and offer recycling service for those customers, but are NOT lead smelters and do NOT mine lead. The name "smelters" is due to tin smelting which was a major part of this business when raw material was available.

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