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Occupational Knowledge International works to build capacity in developing countries to identify, monitor, and mitigate environmental and occupational exposures to hazardous materials in order to protect public health and the environment. The organization provides technical assistance through partnerships, training, and environmental audit and certification programs, with a commitment to public health tenets, scientific principles and corporate responsibility. OK International offers the following programs: - Plant/Product Certification eg BEST Lead Battery Certification - Technical Assistance / Grantmaking - Environmental Education - Exchange of Technology and Access to Technology - Dissemination of Information The purpose of the technology exchange program is to facilitate the exchange of environmental technology to countries with developing environmental programs and limited resources. Email_Address

Omega Maintenance Group Lead flashing and damp coursing replacement 20100429Omega Maintenance Group Pty Ltd Lead flashing and damp coursing replacement. Omega Maintenance Group Pty Ltd is (Construction Agency Coordination Committee - CACC - of the STATE CONTRACTS CONTROL BOARD) Accredited level 4 OH&S by Sydney Water - Concrete Spalling Repairs Waterproofing Protective Coatings; Polyurethane Injection Systems, Tank Linings & Refurbishment, as at May 2010. Email_Address

Ozturf-National Products Pty Ltd The complete range of Ozturf Grasses are Compliant with AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2003 Australian/New Zealand Standard; Safety of toys Part 3: Migration of certain elements, and have also been tested by the CSIRO for long term stability. All Grasses easily pass the requirements of the Australian Toy Standard for all 8 Heavy Metals including Lead Content. Test results are available for viewing on the Ozturf website. Email_Address

The Peasant's Feast is Sydney's only organic dinner restaurant and anecdotal evidence collected over 14 years by the Global Lead Advice & Support Service suggests that people who eat only organic food tend to have lower blood lead levels.

Peel Away Paint Removal System is available from specialist paint stores nationally with State agents in South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales. See the Interactive distribution map for contact details of suppliers.

pHion Health Solutions provides health & wellness solutions to benefit the individual and the workplace. The ELANRA Medical Ionisers remove all airborne contaminant from the air, whilst consistently generating a healing stream of small, biologically active, negative ions of oxygen. Our range of Bio-Mineral Water Enhancement Systems adapts nature's principle for generating mineral water by passing the water through coral & mineral sands. Through this process, calcium and over 20 other minerals, vital for health are added to the water through ion exchange, whilst unwanted contaminants are removed (Lead by 98%, Cadmium by 97%, Chlorine by 99%, Fluoride by 85% plus many more). remove lead and other metals from drinking water to greater than 98% whilst enhancing the water by adding essential minerals and increasing the pH to 8-9. Phone: 1300 798960 Email_Address

Point of Care Diagnostics (POCD) offers a portable point of care blood lead level analyser - the LeadCare II Analyser - that some industries and/or community programs might find useful. If anyone would like further information they can contact Peter Merrilees - Email_Address

Portable XRF Services is based in Western  Australia and provides a non-destructive Lead paint testing service using portable XRF analysers or hire of portable XRF instruments. We can also do soil testing for Lead and other contaminating elements. Email_Address

Premier Painting Company Pty Ltd prides itself on being an Award winning specialist that you can trust to transform and maintain your property, cost effectively, securely and on time. They have earned an excellent reputation in the painting and decorating industry for quality workmanship, project management, and customer service. See Premier Painting Company on YouTube here! [ ] Anthony Conway of Premier Painting has completed a course of training in Management of Lead Paint and has been listed on the Master Painters Australia Federal Register Of Lead-Safe Painting Contractors.

Queen B Candles Queen B manufactures an extensive range of 100% pure Australian beeswax candles.  Queen B candles contain 100% pure Australian beeswax, 100% passion, 100% cotton wick and 100% integrity... and do not contain paraffin, soy, palm, macademia nut oil or any other harmful or toxic additive. Email_Address

Safer Solutions Website: Safer Solutions provides the information needed to take action to make homes safer and keep families healthy. Whether you are cleaning your home, renovating it or planting your garden, Safer Solutions can help you make the best decisions for a healthy, comfortable home. The brochure called "Detox Your Home" is available online.

Sampling Technologies Pty Ltd. XRF Screening Analysis Service. Sampling Technologies is a supplier of field portable XRF screening services throughout Australia and New Zealand for the detection of Lead and other heavy metals/elements found in children's toys, play centres, day care centres, paints, soils, electrical and electronic equipment, coins, jewellery, statues and other antiques. Email_Address

Secure Edge Technologies Pty Ltd is an Australian SME [small to medium enterprise] and providers of Electronic Security Equipment and within that equipment Secure Edge sell Security Seals one being an ALUCAST SEAL ( which is a direct replacement for the HAZARDOUS LEAD SEAL. The Alucast Seal is also Tamper evident as opposed to the Lead Seal which is not. Once sealed the Alucast Seal provides a more secure seal than softer Lead Seals. The Alucast Seal has a number of applications (Metering eg gas meters, Test Equipment, Hazardous Waste Drums, Safety Valve Overrides, Hospital Equipment and the like) both in Industry and the Domestic Environment. Email_Address

SKC Inc. - manufactures a variety of testing equipment for lead and other contaminants including Full Disclosure a colorimetric field detection kit for lead - - and a new Hygenall decontamination towel - - for removal of lead and other metals from skin. Dispensers of the disposable towels should be placed near lead workers' washbasins for ease of rinsing with running water. Both were developed by U.S. NIOSH. From Canada or the US, order online at or go to for the list of global distributors of SKC lead detection and lead decontamination products. Email_Address

Stream Systems High Tech Solutions for Game Officers and Law Enforcement including the HOT*SHOT which can verify if a shotgun shell contains Lead, Steel, Bismuth, Tungsten/Polymer (TP), Tungsten/Matrix (TX), Hevi-Shot.

Surface-It Sydney Artificial Grass Surface-it Pty Ltd supplies and installs a range of Australian manufactured artificial grass products for a variety of applications ranging from installations for schools and sports clubs around Australia to independent residential landscape projects. All of the specialised yarns utilised in the manufacture of  the synthetic grass are free of hazardous ingredients or any lead-based additives. Email_Address
Surface-it Pty Ltd fully supports all of the work done by the Synthetic Turf Council (STC) over the last few years regarding the investigation of the use of lead in synthetic turf and welcomes the US Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) statement confirming that synthetic turf is not harmful for all users ranging from athletes to young children. manufacture and supply to paint stores throughout New Zealand, a lead paint test kits so a painter can find out if a paint surface has lead content. A sample of paint  is obtained by making a slanted cut a cross the paint surface so each layer of paint is exposed. A drop of  5% sodium sulphide solution is applied. If there is lead in the paint layer, it will turn black. This kind of test should be used by experienced professionals who take proper care of the kits and use a magnifying glass to ensure the result is correct. Email_Address & Email_Address

Toxic Soft Drinks Urges that legislators, state agencies, and school boards should ban benzene, formaldehyde and pesticides in soft drinks sold on school property --  and not permit soft drink labels containing lead paint to be used.

TT Al Flashing.pdf Aluminium flashing for use in building situations with aluminium or ZINCALUME® roofing sections. Available from Thomas Thoms Pty Ltd. 350 KB

TT BituAl Flashing.pdf Bitu-al, aluminium core and bitumen coated is used for damp-proof coursing flashing and ant cappings in all types of building situations. Available from Thomas Thoms Pty Ltd. 616 KB

TT Zinc Flashing.pdf Thoms "Softa-Flash"™ pure zinc flashing is designed for flashing use only and is compatible with ZINCALUME® and COLORBOND® coated steel roofing and walling. Available from Thomas Thoms Pty Ltd. 361 KB

Vacuum Bags Replacement vacuum bags and vacuum cleaners for sale. Email_Address

Flash-TiteWakaflex   New light weight and easy to fit alternative to lead, zinc and Copper flashing. Wakaflex can be used generally for all abutments at walls, chimneys, rising parts of structures such as dormers, fire walls and other abutments in the roof area. It can be used as a top flashing for conservatories and profiled sheeting. available from COMBINED ROOFING SOLUTIONS Pty Ltd.

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