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LEAD Action News vol 7 no 1, 1999, ISSN 1324-6011
Incorporating Lead Aware Times ( ISSN 1440-4966) and Lead Advisory Service News ( ISSN 1440-0561)
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PCM Enviro’s "Green Machine" for Retrieving Lead Shot

See The Green Machine In Action

Requires Windows Media Player or Realplayer

This article is the voiceover for an excellent video showing The Green Machine in action (see above).

Please note that The LEAD Group is not affiliated with the Green Machine and LeadPro and is unable to provide further information. For more invormation please contact Paul Mitchell - Mobile: +61 415965423 and Craig Mitchell - Mobile: +61 414417136, Email , Euroa Victoria 3666.

PCM Enviro Pty Ltd is proud to introduce The Green Machine. [Title updated 7/7/2017. Text by Robert McClelland of LeadPro]

Clay target shooting has proved itself to be one of the worlds most popular shooting pastimes, with tens of thousands of recreational shooters worldwide enjoying this popular pastime every week.

An unfortunate by-product of clay target shooting has always been the tonnes of lead shot left behind to leach into the ground and waterways causing untold environmental damage.

Until now, this lead shot has not been easily recycled.

Using a revolutionary process, the Green Machine extracts approximately 95 percent of lead shot from the ground.

Operating at levels down to 250 millimetres below the surface, the Green Machine extracts and cleans in a single pass over the affected area.

The extracted shot is ejected from the machine into readily available and easy to handle 44 gallon drums.

Each drum weighs in at 1.25 tonnes when full.

The Extracted shot is 95 percent clean so there’s no need for extra refining after extraction.

The specialised gear system allows the unit to travel at less than 1 kilometre per hour.

In fact, when the green machine is operating, the prime mover is not running at all.

From the time the green machine arrives at a location it can be fully operational within an hour.

And depending on the size and length of operation of the gun club, the green machine can extract up to 4 tonnes of lead shot per hour.

The machine has the capacity to operate 24 hours per day using an overall crew of just 2 people per shift.

If need be the machine itself can be economically operated using just one person per shift.

The green machine is a low maintenance, hydraulically operated lead shot extraction system that relies only on readily available hydraulic equipment and standard bearings. This reduces any down time due to wear and tear to a complete minimum.

In 1999, LeadPro was developing modifications to the green machine that will enable the extraction of lead shot and slugs from rifle and pistol clubs and military ranges.

We expect this unique recycling function to be available early in the year 2000.

Lead shot, when extracted by other means, is currently dumped into toxic waste sites instead of the environmentally friendly solution of recycling.

The green machine ensures that this valuable commodity is re-used for such purposes as bullets, batteries, boat keels, ballast and even straight back to new shot gun cartridges.

Lead shot is in high demand around the world as a readily saleable commodity, but until now it has been almost impossible to extract in a user friendly form. And the benefit to the environment is incalculable.

It's taken 4 years for LeadPro Australia to perfect the green machine.

We believe that this system has huge potential for any investor, not only for use in gun clubs, but also on government sites and military installations.

In summary, LeadPro Australia believes that the green machine is a one of a kind lead shot extraction system with high yield returns and reliability second to none.

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