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Slide shows and Conference Papers Films / Videos Transcript
  1. Dr Ben Balzer’s Lead Poisoning Slide Show

  2. Lead Poisoning Slide Show

  3. “Green Lead” – oxymoron or future vision?

  4. Ceiling Dust Slide Show

  5. Climate Change Slide Show

  6. NPI Heavy Metals Emissions Data Problems

  7. End of Leaded Petrol - Presentation Nairobi

  8. Nairobi Presentation 20111026-27

  9. Consumer Products and Lead Exposures: Vision for a Lead-Safe World ppt
    Consumer Products and Lead Exposures: Vision for a Lead-Safe World html
    Speech Notes - Consumer Products and Lead Exposures: Vision for a Lead-Safe World

  10. The Problems Schools and Childcare Centres have with Lead PDF

  11. VAP made easy - how to create a winner - for classroom or home viewing 20140803.ppt

The Green Machine.wmv

E waste Report.wmv

Requires Windows Media Player

LeadPro's Green Machine
Voiceover for the video showing The Green Machine in action.

Transcript of Video made by Joan Luckhardt, produced for the New Jersey Lead Poisoning Prevention Program in approximately 1992. Transcribed by Kate Finlay-Jones

SDPI (Sustainable Development Policy Institute)
12TH Sustainable Development Conference, 21-23 Dec 2009, Islamabad, Pakistan

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Climate Change Slide Show - Graphic Version
21 December 2009
Text Only
Download climate Change Slide Show Power Point File

Text of Speech

Conference Paper

Authors: Ian Smith; Elizabeth O'Brien; Robert Taylor; Venkatesh Thuppil;

Table of Contents

1. Lead Toxicity & Climate Change
2. Good Heavens! The Earth has Gone Pear Shaped
3. Global Warming & Climate Variability
4. Projected GHG Cuts
5. Lead Health Impacts
6. Cumulative Lead Production
7. Lead is in Everything & Everyone
8. The Gain Leads to Loss etc Grid
9. Climate Outcomes
10. Real Cuts Required
11.Precipitation Predictions by Region
12. Dust & Aridity
13.Lead Batteries 1960
14. Lead Batteries 2008
15. Lead Batteries 50 years


16. Lead Batteries 20 Years
17. Carbon combustion Power
18. Other Power
19. Static Power Storage
20. Transport
21. Vehicle Population Growth
22. Vehicle Emissions Growth
23. Rural Impacts & Power Transformation
24. Rising Lead Production
25. Australian Pb Ore Declining Lead Waste Increasing
26. Recommendations Greenhouse Management
27. Recommendations Lead management
28. Lead Battery workers
29. Recommendations A Smarter World
30. Thankyou!

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