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Annual Report from the Global Lead Advice & Support Service (GLASS)
to SA Dept of Health & NSW Health & DEC
incorporating Quarterly Reports June 2004 to May 2005

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Activities Undertaken to Inform SA & NSW Residents of GLASS Services

GLASS re-contacted the National Poisons Information Centre in Sydney to remind them that callers from anywhere in Australia who inquire about lead poisoning could be referred to the Global Lead Advice and Support Service. GLASS was listed in the hard copy of the Adelaide White Pages this year following on from last year’s LASA entry and GLASS was listed in the Sydney White and Yellow pages as usual, although anyone with web access has been able to find the White Pages and Yellow Pages on-line LEAD Group entries for some years.

GLASS is constantly approached by journalists and writers for information and in return we request a link to our website which often results in calls (email or phone) to GLASS or a mention of the GLASS and/or our website. This year saw a lot more web advertising for volunteers with responses coming from NSW, South Australia, Victoria and overseas. The following ways of finding out about GLASS were reported by our callers for the first time this year:

Media Event

Courier Mail article on lead paint, 25/5/05 or 26/5/05
Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology and Surveillance (ABLES) listserv/egroup run by US CDC
Volunteer Search ad for Publicist/Networker at
AGDF website
Volunteer Search ad for The LEAD Group on screen @ CENTRELINK
LeadWorkers e-group at
Information sheet with Peel Away product information
"Dreaded Lead" article by Dr Ginni Mansberg in Medical Observer 11 Feb 2005 - GLASS ph no 1800
GoVolunteer ad on (Volunteering Australia) for Access/SQL expert
GoVolunteer ad on (Volunteering Australia) for Network Administrator
"Lead incurs a terrible toll" by Tim Escott for ILPAW in Inner West Weekly 21/10/04
GoVolunteer ad on (Volunteering Australia) for Office Manager
Lodged Lead Shot and Bullets Support (LLSBS) Group e-group on Yahoo website
GoVolunteer ad on (Volunteering Australia) for Event Organiser for ILPAW/ILPAD
GoVolunteer ad on (Volunteering Australia) for Fund-raiser for GLASS
Lead Safety Folder from Leichhardt Council
Dr Ben Balzer's postings on Nut-net egroup for dietitions/nutritionists run by Nutrition Australia
Australian Dust Removalists Association (ADRA) listing in Sydney White Pages
James Hardy asbestos story on 60 Minutes, 7:30pm Sunday Ch 9
GoVolunteer ad on (Volunteering Australia) for GLASS Email data-entry officer etc
SMH article about recall of 150 million items of children's lead jewellery in USA
Ad for volunteers for the LEAD Group appearing regularly in the "Inner West Weekly"
LEAD Gp media release: Smoking - a pain in the butt!
"Visionary led the way" article re: EOB in Inner West Weekly 10/6/04
DA CONDITIONS by Canterbury City Council
LEAD Gp ad on Volunteering Australia website -;
LEAD Gp media release: Elizabeth O'Brien wins UNAA WED Award for outstanding service to the environment
Profile on Elizabeth O'Brien at
LEAD Gp media release: Elizabeth O'Brien recognised for outstanding service in lead poisoning prevn
"Making Lead-Smart Contractors" on LEAD Group website
Nothing Without Belinda Choir, Sydney, Australia

Word-of-Mouth Contact

Heart Foundation - South Australian Division
Brisbane City Council said to call Environment Australia (Dept of Envt & Heritage) who said to call GLASS
Faculty of Medicine, University of New South Wales (UNSW)
Vic Poisons Info said to call Environment Australia (Dept of Envt & Heritage) who said to call
Penrith City Council
Hunter Public Health Unit (PHU)
NSW Poisons Info said to call NSW Pollution Line who said to cal
ACA (Choice Magazine) said to call NSW EPA (Dept of Envt & Conservation) who said to call GLASS
Leichhardt General Practice, Inner West of Sydney
Environmental Analysis Laboratory, Southern Cross Uni, NSW
Skills, Training & Resource Service (STARS), Lakemba, NSW
Claire Porter, Journalist, Informed Choice magazine
Beethoven Society Choir of Australia, Sydney


Please see Appendix 12 for some examples of feedback the organization received from various callers this year.

National distribution by GLASS of lead publications produced by the NSW Government

A total of 35,899 lead information products were distributed this FY from which 6,639 were written by the NSW Government. This is an enormous increase of spreading out material compared to the last FY when only a total of 5,019 lead publications published by the NSW Government were distributed. Please see Appendix 13 for further detailed information.

Activities Undertaken to Ensure the Scientific Soundness of Advisory Materials

All incoming information is questioned as to the credibility of its source and as far as possible, is investigated by seeking the references cited.

If the reference cited for a particular piece of information is not web-published, then we proceed to the next stage of contacting an author of a journal article in order to verify or disprove a statement made in the press for instance. We have systematically added Australian lead experts to our Technical Advisory Board over the years and are happy that constant interchanges to gain their views ensure scientific soundness of advisory materials.

Activities Undertaken to Improve the Efficiency of Information Service Provision

During this financial year a major improvement to the efficiency of information service provision took place requiring firstly the conversion of our Access database to an SQL database. This enabled the following searchable databases to be added to our website to allow people to easily locate their own library articles from the 1640 online articles now entered in the GLASS database and answers on topics of interest in the list of 641 Questions from callers and Answers written by staff over the years:

  1. Searchable Library Database of Online Articles about Lead – WHICH LINKS TO

  2. Searchable Question and Answer Database about Lead – WHICH LINKS TO

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