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Appendix 12: Feedback Register Report (1/6/04 to 31/05/05)





Resolved How


200406025 Yes Campaigner: "Congratulations, Elizabeth!! You are indeed one of the most deserving folks of recognition that I know in the field. we are very proud of you here in america & know you will continue to work for Australia's children
200406080 Yes "Congratulations on the Website. Extremely clear and precise. Your outstanding phone manner [Elizabeth O'Brien] was a fresh change from the many poor contacts we make everday" says father of chromium & cobalt
200406166 Yes "Chris Huxtable from Demand did a brilliant job removing fibreglass batts and ceiling dust for me & I can't praise him enough for the cleanliness of the place, the time taken & willingness to explain everything" says happy
200406214 Yes "Elizabeth thankyou you're a wonderful person. I've been reading about you in the newspaper (UNAA WED Award article "Visionary led the way") and my family was always renovating when I was young & I've been backward all my life and suffer from depression."
200407121 Yes "I've spent days on the phone trying to locate someone with your depth of knowledge - thankyou so much for your help. Other people I spoke to would like to have helped - they just knew nothing about renting and lead" says young
200408258 Yes "Thankyou for your time and the great service you provide" says renovator with young baby who accidentally found when looking to buy a sander for his 1954 rental home.
200409068 Yes "Thankyou [EOB] for all your time and help. I really had no idea that lead poisoning is still possible or that there is no regulatory control over the lead content in paint on musical instruments" says father of baby who sucked on a After having diarrhoea & vomiting for 6 days, the baby was taken to a children's hospital for a blood lead test 28/9/04
200409077 No "Pollution Line said they have no guidelines for ceiling dust removal so I should look up the Yellow Pp for asbestos removal but I said asbestos removalists don't actually vacuum dust & she agreed & said to call LASA - Caller was advised of the Australian Dust Removalists Association (ADRA) website at so he could employ an ADRA member who will follow the ADRA Code of Practice for 29/9/04
200501063 Yes Incoming email: "Thank you very much Elizabeth, your email [re: how to safely handle and where to recycle lead flashing from the roof of my house in Melbourne] really helped.....Regards"
200501220 No "I tried in the Yellow Pages to find a ceiling dust removalist in Sydney and they don't even have a heading for it and I think they have a lot to answer for - it's clearly a money-making operation - not one designed to help you find Second letter to Yellow Pages requesting a heading will be put on the agenda of the next ADRA (Australian Dust Removalists Association) meeting. 31/1/05

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