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Media Release - Friday 1st November 2013

Are We Living In a Lead Safe World?

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Do you live in an older home? Do you notice dust on your furniture, on your windows or around the edges of the rooms? Do you plan to renovate or build a vegetable garden or chook run? Do your children play in the soil, on the floor, with painted toys? Have you ever thought about what could be lurking in your home that you cannot see?

Lead is commonly found in the paint of homes, the dust carried in from outside particularly in inner city areas and mining regions, some cosmetic products and children’s toys. For many home owners this may be unwanted news but for the team behind the recently established Lead Safe World website it is information that needs to be spread. The Lead Safe World project is an initiative of the LEAD Group Inc. which seeks to “enhance the health and wellbeing of you and your family by raising awareness about lead”. The website aims to answer all your questions about lead in your life, from sources of lead in the home to ways to clean up the lead. The LEAD Group Inc. also sells test kits which help you to identify if your home or yard is contaminated by lead.

Lead requires particular attention as it is highly neurotoxic, particularly for young children and unborn babies but also for the “leaded petrol generations” as we age.  Studies have shown that lead exposure from a young age can have detrimental impacts on a child’s IQ, their pubescent development (for example this study of Russian boys) and behavior, among others. Germany currently has a health guideline blood lead level of 3.5 µg/dL, USA has 5 µg/dL, while most countries have 10 µg/dL, but research indicates that no level of blood lead is safe, so everyone needs to know their blood lead level and find out the lead levels in their environment, if it’s above 1 µg/dL.

The Lead Safe World website is a tremendous source of information for those living with the burden of lead however it is early days – the site was born on 26 October 2013 – in the Inaugural WHO International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action. A lack of federal Australian government funding for FY 2014 means that this valuable resource will need to turn to organisations for development assistance. The LEAD Group seeks Contributing Partners – organisations / companies who ARE making a difference already, to join the Lead Safe World Project and ensure the vision of a Lead Safe World is achieved.

For parents, renovators, lead hobbyists, artists and the companies which supply products and services to them, the Volcano Art Prize competition calendars will this year help to reduce the strain of the funding gap but it will not ensure that the team behind the Lead Safe World website will be able to continue their work. To order your calendar and help to retain this important organisation visit the art competition website and enter the 2014 Volcano Art Prize.

[Graphic: Selfie at Sixty by Kari McKern, a winner of the 2013 Volcano Art Prize, appearing in the Lead-Safe World 2014 Calendar, with her Lead Safety Message: Lead raises mortality from all causes, Vitamin D has the opposite effect. Good health involves tracking these metrics.]

Contact: Elizabeth O’Brien, The LEAD Group Inc +61 2 9716 0014   ###

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