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MEDIA RELEASE 27 January 2005

Who will help these 67 countries to ban leaded petrol by end 2005?

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Latin America

22.    Botswana

46.    Sierra Leone

1.      Cuba

23.    Burkina Faso

47.    Somalia

2.      Peru

24.    Burundi

48.    South Africa

3.      Venezuela

25.    Cameroon

49.    Swaziland

Europe, C.I.S.

26.    Central African Republic

50.    Tanzania

4.      Albania

27.    Chad

51.    Togo

5.      Belarus

28.    Congo

52.    Tunisia

6.      Bosnia

29.    Cote d'Ivoire

53.    Uganda

7.      Croatia

30.    Djibouti

54.    Zambia

8.      Kazakhstan

31.    Equatorial Guinea

55.    Zimbabwe

9.      Kyrgyzstan

32.    Gabon


10.    Macedonia

33.    Gambia

56.   Bhutan

11.    Moldova

34.    Guinea

57.   Cambodia

12.    Romania

35.    Guinea-Bissau

58.   Indonesia

13.    Serbia

36.    Kenya

59.    Laos

14.    Tajikistan

37.    Lesotho

60.    Mongolia

15.    Turkey

38.    Liberia

61.    Myanmar

16.    Turkmenistan

39.    Madagascar

62.    North Korea

17.    Ukraine

40.    Mali

Middle East

18.    Uzbekistan

41.    Morocco

63.    Afghanistan


42.    Namibia

64.    Iraq

19.    Algeria

43.    Niger

65.    Jordan

20.    Angola

44.    Senegal

66.    Syria

21.    Benin

45.    Seychelles

67.    Yemen


Last month in New Delhi, at the third global meeting of the Partnership for Cleaner Fuels and Vehicles (PCFV), part of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), Elizabeth O’Brien of the Global Lead Advice & Support Service (GLASS), Australia proposed a global ban on leaded petrol by the end of 2005. The proposal, from the world’s only lead information and referral service (run by a community group from Summer Hill, Sydney), was accepted by the partners who hail from many countries, and include representatives from government and industry-run petroleum refineries and auto manufacturers.

"Now the real work begins," says the Manager of GLASS, Elizabeth O’Brien. "The UN staff of the PCFV have asked all the partners to locate government or petroleum industry contacts in each of the 67 countries where leaded petrol is still sold in order to offer a team of experts from among the partnership members to assist with each country’s ban on leaded petrol. GLASS has been asked to find non-government organizations (NGOs) in each country who can lobby for lead petrol phase-out and publicize locally the huge environmental health benefits of meeting the 2005 deadline for global success."

"This is arguably the most important toxic control deadline ever set and its achievement is vital to child, adult and environmental health worldwide. Adding lead to petrol remains one of the greatest environmental health disasters of the twentieth century and the end of leaded petrol denotes a world in which health comes before profits," says O’Brien.

"Please contact GLASS on +61 2 9716 0132 or Email if you know of any appropriate NGOs in the final 67 countries so we can get this show on the road!"

*** If using this media release without the full country list please refer readers / listeners to

"An updated country list as at 22nd June 2009, appears at

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