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Demolition and Local Councils

Calls to the Lead Advisory Service indicate that many Councils are not meeting their responsibilities to ensure lead-safe demolitions.

Over 1996, the Lead Advisory Service received 110 calls where ‘demolition’ was the prime focus of the call. Of these calls, almost half (51) specifically raised dealings with their local Council. A further 20% raised issues related to the direct responsibilities of local government, although at the time they had not thought to contact their Council.

While lead in dust can be a problem, it’s the lead in fine dust, the lead you can’t see, which can be absorbed following inhalation. Calls to LAS indicate that many people only realise the potential lead poisoning risks related to demolitions, both domestic and industrial, and for workers and others in the area, well after the process has begun and some irreversible damage may already have occurred.

Clearly, too many people still think anyone can knock down a wall or two … after all it’s my house, building, property. Too many people demolish without a care for the health of anyone – themselves, their neighbours or the neighbourhood. But the news is not all gloomy. Some Councils are taking the initiative to seek advice regarding their obligations, with the result that a number of local Councils have or are developing lead safe demolition guidelines for their area.

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