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QUESTION: Seeking financial assistance for home lead abatement 01 Mar 2008 Ohio, USA

My daughter is 4 years old and she got lead poisoning, she has pica, I need help saving my house, I have less than 4 months, there are no local resources...if I do not find a way to pay for the outrageous cost of lead abatement not only will I lose my home they will charge me 5,000 to destroy a home I could not find 12,500 dollars to save.... I am all out of hope. since her bll was a scary 34 in Aug, I lost over 70 lbs, I went from a 24 plus to a 12 and still losing....any advice you could give me I would really like. thank you....a mom who loves her daughter with all her heart. why did this terrible thing have to happen to her ? why can't most people understand how horrible the lead problem is? I hurt so bad for my daughter and no one can ever make it better it was preventable....a little knowledge is all I needed to keep her safe....and now no grant means I will lose my home and companies can profit from it ,and no disclaimer means they can bring something this dangerous into my home without my consent or knowledge.. products that contain lead should say even acceptable levels of lead may cause : loss of I q ,decrease in intelligence, permanent damage to language development, hearing, may cause mental illness or even death....

ANSWER: 03 Mar 2008

Dear Karla,

I forgot to mention that you will be able to find out about specific local funding opportunities if you tell people where you are when you write to those two groups I mentioned in my first email. Cheers


EMAIL ONE From: The LEAD Group To: Karla Sent: Monday, March 03, 2008

Dear Karla,

Thanks very much for your enquiry.

The best place for you to find a place of financial assistance would be to ask members of the leadnet web group. In order to do that you need to become a member by sending an email to to subscribe to the list. I would recommend that you then send your email below to the list to ask for assistance by forwarding it to LeadNet was set up by the Alliance to End Childhood Lead Poisoning (AECLP), now called the Alliance for Healthy Housing (AFHH) and members can enter their details in a searchable database on the site and can participate in a running dialogue on the website between members and will receive newsletters by email, which are also web-published at although the Leadnet emails are not. As of February 2004, of the 602 Leadnet members, two were in Australia, one in Canada and the rest presumably in the US. They are mostly childhood lead poisoning prevention and management professionals, although some of the members are parents of lead poisoned children. Only the moderators at the AFHH office can search the in-office Leadnet message archive (if a member requests it).

You may also get useful advice from our user group called Leaded kids. The LeadedKids egroup was set up by the Global Lead Advice and Support Service (GLASS) on July 17, 2006 to help parents, teachers, doctors and carers of children with lead poisoning. Includes detailed discussion of lead detoxification, news about lead-related issues, and other heavy metal-related issues. The website is:

If you would like to join Subscribe: Post message:

Hope that this is helpful and sorry to hear about your daughters misfortune.

Kind regards,

Ewan M. McDonnell

Volunteer Research and Information Officer

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