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QUESTION: Will Oral therapy with EDTA plus mega C and selenium etc dissolve the plaque within the arteries of my brain? 11 Feb 2008 Otago, New Zealand

As a self studied student of Orthomolecular Medicine for over 15 years and being alive due to also practicing same. I wish to get help from you.

I can no longer get intravenous Chelation from my location and cannot afford the time and effort to make a 10 hour return journey to get treatment. I have Used EDTA Chelation for 13 years. I now have been diagnosed with CAA ( cerebral amyloid angiopathy ) via biopsy in 2002. I understand that EDTA can in fact break up and dissolve plaque within the arteries in my brain that are the cause my disease.

I question if Oral therapy with EDTA plus mega C and selenium etc will do the same job?

If so what would the prices be with an ongoing situation. I am now 65 years on and in theory should have died years ago. Thanks to my own studies; I have practiced using the Orthomolecular medicine to reduce my problem about 30% based on an MRI two years ago. When in fact I was informed this was a non-reversible disease. Even the Neuro dept could not accept this had happened.



EMAIL TWO From: Terry Donovan Sent: Tuesday, April 21,

To be blunt. Where I live most doctors to NOT have any truck with Chelation. N.Z. Wide to my understanding there are only 5 clinics that offer the Chelation medicine. Oral Chelation is my best bet, but even then it would be difficult to import the required capsules. As you may Note: I am now 67 years on. I still self medicate for my health as I cannot rely on any Allopathic practitioners for help as they all work within the box described as; the Old medical council rules now 20 years out of date. I have managed to get DMSA in the past by importing; but again this is getting more difficult in N.Z. due to same as above. My need ever on this is within the Box, whereas I deal outside the box. I know of Orthomolecular Doctors that I can call associates or friend. Most are now retired due to the pressure on them from the medical council. They are also qualified as other modalities are available to them. I just live too far away from them to get help. I am in a world where individuals looking outside the box get into trouble. Our last government even stopped our purchasing Vitamin E or mixed Tocopherols (excuse spelling) which I consider essential for any Cardio-Vascular problems. I am 50% an orthomolecular practitioner without a degree; other than 17 years of self study and practice.

Thank you for your reply; I know you are no doubt very busy in your life. Had I relied in my life on what is allowed I would be dead by now. I have had a brain cyst at age 17 Neural Fibroma at 24 (walnut size on L4/L5 Prostatitis Prostate cancer CAA 7 kidney cysts not polycystic. And four other less major problems in my life. Without my own studies and self medicating I should have died anywhere from 55 to 61.

Kind regards Terry , Dunedin N.Z.‍

ANSWER: 21 Apr 2009

Dear Terence,

I apologise that I did not answer your very specific medical inquiry when you sent it. I would have responded that the advice you sought is best given by a doctor rather than an information service. I am however very interested to know the outcome of your search for an alternative to IV chelation in New Zealand, in the hope that you did in fact find a supply of the appropriate chelation agent as well as a doctor to oversee your treatment. I would be very grateful if you could let me know how your health is going now and I'm also keen to hear if you ever worked out the exact source/s of your lead poisoning. Do you have blood lead results going back for all the years of your treatment?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely

Elizabeth O'Brien

EMAIL TWO From: The LEAD Group Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dear Terry,

I emailed and then phoned the Kingsway Compounding Pharmacy in Sydney to ask where in New Zealand you could buy chelating agents and they said any doctor can send the prescription to them and they will post the made-up pharmaceuticals to anywhere in the world. They post to New Zealand weekly. The contact details are:; Email Address; Phone +61 2 9939 8988.

I hope that helps and I wish you the best with your long road to good health.



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