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  QUESTION: Questions arising from Saliva Testing website, 03 Apr 2006, New Jersey USA


Lead testing of children, adults and your Domesticated house pet.
ANSWER: 03 Apr 2006

Dear Gene,
I've had a look at your website - (Update 2012. Site no longer available) - and the following questions arise, which I hope you can answer.
  1. I wondered what on earth is meant by a negative test result for heavy metals - does the saliva test indicate when lead or cadmium etc is MISSING from the body and needs to be added? The concept of "negative" in relation to toxics is a nonsense. Could you please explain what is meant on your page on Reliability (below) and consider replacing the terms "negative" and "positive" with the terms "low" and "excessive" levels (or similar meaningful terms) and then define what these are in metric units for each different heavy metal?
  2. why wouldn't the collection implements and vessel for saliva samples be just as prone to tainting as those for collecting urine? What's the difference in risk of contamination at the sample collection stage?
  3. what is the "danger level", in metric units, for lead in saliva?
  4. can you please provide references for the statement in the following extract on Timing from your pdf which states: "...several months after continuous [lead] exposure. At this time, lead will be found... in fatty or lipid tissues, e.g., fat cells..." In answering question 4., you might also be kind enough to answer the following query we recently received (for the first time, out of nearly 47,000 queries handled by our information service) - because, perhaps the question was in response to your website: "I would just like to ask how are metals, especially lead, able to bind to fats?"

I look forward to your response at your earliest convenience and thank you for letting us know about your website.
Yours Sincerely
Elizabeth O'Brien

Reference: then click on Reliability link: Reliability Our saliva test confirms the negative result or positive result of toxic heavy metals. Saliva tests are 99.9% accurate. They cannot be adulterated or substituted and the technician administers every collection.
Due to its focus on the chemicals and plasma in the donor's body, saliva testing is not as susceptible to falsification. Hair products such as shampoos and bleach can alter hair follicles producing erroneous results, and urine tests are regularly tainted. As of today, no known methods exist to alter saliva test results.
Lead found in saliva due to recent exposure will show a danger level much sooner than the analysis of blood. A danger level in blood may not be prevalent until several months after continuous exposure. At this time, lead will be found not only in saliva and blood, but also in bone marrow, in fatty or lipid tissues, e.g., fat cells, as well as in the nervous system generally and brain tissue specifically. Once lead has gained access to these tissue and body areas it is extremely hard, if not impossible to remove. Most attempts involve painful Chelation with several treatments using sodium EDTAte or similar substances.

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