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  QUESTION: Literature about lead in pregnancy for doctor working with 35,000 lead poisoned people, 28 Mar 2006, Junn Peru

Dear Madam,
In Oroya City there are a refinery, that is sending to space every days 2500 tons of lead and others heavy metals. The children have 300% more lead it is permitted in the blood, the workers, 400%, women pregnancy 27ug/dl, their newborn 17ug/dl and in their placenta 317ug/100 grams. It is a genocide. I am doing a research about this topic.
Could you send me literature about lead in pregnancy such as:

1)Baghurst PA, et al. Lead in the placenta , membranes, and umbilical cord in relation to pregnancy in a lead smelter community. Environ Health Perspect 1991;90:315.

2)Centeno JA, et al. The assessment of trace elements and toxic metal levels in human placental tissues. Metal Biol in Biology and Medicine. Ed Th Collery 1996;4:522,

3)Clark ARL. Placental transfer of lead and its effects on the newborn Postgrad Med J 1977;53:674-678,

4)Goyer RA. Lead toxicity: from overt to subclinical to subtle health effect. Environ Health Perspect. 1990 June; 86: 177181.

5)Goyer RA. Toxic and essential metal interactions. Annu Rev Nutr 1997;17:37-50, 

6) Khera AK, et al. Placental and stillbirth tissue lead concentration in occupationally exposed women Br J Ind Med 1980;37:394-396,

7) Lagerkvist BJ, et al. Is placenta a good indicator of calcium and lead exposure? Arch Environ Health 1996;51 (59):389-394,

8) Reichtova E, et al. Sites of lead and nickel accumulation in the placenta tissue. Hum Exp Toxicol 1998;17(3):176-181,

9) Truska P, Blood and placental concentrations of cadmium. lead and mercury in mother and their newborn. J Hyg Epidemiol Microbiol Inmunol 1989;33(2):141-147,

10)Schramel P, et al. Cadmium, lead, and mercury concentrations in human breast milk, in placenta, maternal blood and the blood of the newborn. Biol TraceElem Res 1988;15:111-124 and

With my best regards.

ANSWER: 14 Apr 2006

Dear Doctor,
after much research by our volunteer interns, we have added many of your requested items to our library, then printed and posted by airmail, the following Library Items [note LID = Library Identification Number].
Yours Sincerely
Elizabeth O'Brien
LID Title
8707 A Review of a Preventable Poison: Pediatric Lead Poisoning
8708 Placental transfer of lead and its effects on the newborn
8709 Lead Toxicity: From Overt to Subclinical to Subtle Health Effects
8710 Assessment of Bone Lead During Pregnancy: A Pilot Study
8711 Blood lead concentrations and pregnancy outcomes
8712 Decrease in birth weight in relation to maternal bone-lead burden
8713 Teratogen Update: Lead and Pregnancy
8714 Enduring effects of early lead exposure: evidence for a specific deficit in associative ability
8715 How Lead Exposure Relates to Temporal Changes in IQ, Violent Crime, and Unwed Pregnancy
8716 Influence of Maternal Bone Lead Burden and Calcium Intake on Levels of Lead in Breast Milk over the Course of Lactation
8752 Lead contamination among pregnant Brazilian women living near a lead smelter
8753 Lead exposure in pregnancy - a review of the literature and argument for routine prenatal screening
8754 Lead in placenta etc & birth outcome in smelter community 8755 Lead in pregnancy - 5 Research Topic candidates were identified in CAPLUS and MEDLINE.
8757 Maternal Stress Modulates the Effects of Developmental Lead Exposure
8758 Mercury and lead during breast-feeding
8759 Negative relationships between erythrocyte Ca-pump activity and lead levels in mothers and newborns
8760 Placental and stillbirth tissue lead concentrations in occupationally exposed women
8761 Placental lead and outcome of pregnancy
8762 Prenatal and early childhood blood lead levels and cardiovascular functioning in 9.5 year old children
8763 A Prospective Study of Prenatal and Childhood Lead Exposure and Erythropoietin Production [CME Article #3]
8764 Release of lead from bone in pregnancy and lactation
8765 Sites of lead and nickel accumulation in the placental tissue
8766 Study of the neurochemical alterations produced in discrete brain areas by perinatal low-level lead exposure
8767 The evidence that lead increases the risk for spontaneous abortion
8768 Toxic & Essential Metal Interactions
8769 Variation in blood lead and hematocrit levels during pregnancy in a socioeconomically disadvantaged population
8770 Very low level environmental exposure to lead and prolactin levels during pregnancy
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