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  QUESTION: Spanish Language Fact Sheets, 17 Jan 2006, Junn Peru

In Oroya City near Huancayo is a refinery that is eliminating 2500 tons every day to lead and the children have in average 350% more lead in them blood that is permitted and the mother in one research have 200 Ág/100gr to placenta and the newborn in average 200% lead in them blood. Could you do a research about to this genocide contamination and send me literature about hazards to lead to health.
Sincerely yours
Dr. Godofredo

----- Original Message -----
From: "Godofredo"
To: The LEAD Group
Sent: Saturday, January 14, 2006 11:13 AM
Subject: Answers since Per¨
Dear Sir
I am very thankful to respond my letter. In Oroya City there are a genocide contamination. not only by lead but by other: arsenic, cadmium sulfur dioxide and so on. I shall send you a summary to this pollution to the Oroya.
I shall be very glad to join to the lead group.
I should like which you send me the e mail to Dr. David Sterlin or you send me the research where he participated in lead and 15 other contaminants in air, water and soil and in 250 people of the 35,000 strong community around the La Oroya Doe Run Lead Smelter in Peru
With my best regards
Dr. Godofredo
ANSWER: 12 Jan 2006

Hello Godofredo,
Nice to get a reply from your side.
As you have requested I have sent you the invitation to join the LPSCs e-group and would be great to see you as one of the members of this group. If you have any problems joining in, you can write us back, and we will surely help you to join in the group.
Also, we look forward to the summary of the report regarding pollution in the Oroya, which you mentioned in your reply.
Hope, by this time, u must have received the report from Dr David Sterling.
Kind Regards
Hasibah Keriwala
Volunteer Information Officer/ Researcher

----- Original Message -----
From: The LEAD Group
Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2006 9:34 AM
Subject: Re: Reply to the Queries from La Oroya.
Hello Godofredo
In reply to your query, I am sending some of the links which should prove useful in providing the relevant information on your subject.
Also, it is known from our Lead Smelters Work that chemicals other than lead may also prove as harmful and cause risks to life. So would like you to read through some of the articles below which also mention harmful effects of other chemicals besides lead, especially the IFCS. Also there is not much literature on the hazards of ceiling dust but in every Australian lead smelter community part of the remediation is to remove dust from ceiling voids. Please see the second factsheet about it.
We have asked Dr David Sterling if he has any relevant information for you. Dr Sterling has commented in the media and co-authored many articles on lead hazards, for example: "Evaluation of four sampling methods for determining exposure of children to lead contaminated household dust." in Environmental Research, 80(2):130-141 (1999). DA Sterling, KC Roegner, RD Lewis, DA Luke, LC Wilder, SM Burchette. In August 2005 he was part of a multi-national team researching lead and 15 other contaminants in air, water, soil and in 250 people of the 35,000 strong community around the La Oroya Doe Run lead smelter in Peru.
We are sending your query and this response to the Leadnet group, for further responses which could be sent to you directly or we will forward them if people respond to us. If you would like to join the group you can send an email to to subscribe to the list or to to post to the list.
I am glad to tell you that we have an e-group relating to Lead Point Source Communities, LPSCs as it is called, and it would be great if you can join in to contribute with your knowledge and experience to help bring awareness amongst others regarding the risks with lead exposures. I will invite you through web and wait for a positive response.
The useful links are as follows :
1.Lead Safe Fact Sheet (Spanish) - Lead, Your Health and the Environment
2. Is There A Hidden Health Hazard In Your Roof? - Spanish 
3. Estudios de Calidad Ambiental - El Complejo Metal˙rgico Doe Run En La Oroya, Per˙, Pierde Su Certificado Ambiental
4. Rachel's Environment & Health News, #827 - Pediatricians Urge a Precautionary Approach to Toxic Lead ( this should be available in Spanish sometime in the future).
5. Informaciˇn en Espa˝ol

Hasibah Keriwala
Volunteer Information Officer/ Researcher

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