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  QUESTION: Which article on hair analysis?, 31 Aug 2005, Victoria Australia

The article on hair analysis on your website is nonsense. The potential is to miss critical conditions where the toxic element is sequestered into tissues and is no longer in blood or urine.
ANSWER: 31 Aug 2005

Dear Peter,

Which particular article are you referring to? Here is the result of a Google search of our site on the criteria :

  1. in Hair - Concern Over its Use as an Indicator of Non ... A naturopath had suggested hair analysis, the results of which were 6.1 ppm Pb and 86 ppm ... (ii) the difficulty in decontaminating hair prior to analysis. ...

  2. Lead Poisoning Probable Cause Of Beethoven Illnesses - Chemical ... "You can learn a great deal about a person from hair analysis and the labs at McCrone and Argonne used the most sophisticated technology available in the ...

  3. The Natural Way to Better Babies: Preconception Health Care for ... ... recommendation to use hair analysis as a measure of lead exposure. Even though they do suggest using pubic hair if dye has been used, hair samples are ...

  4. The Current State of Chelation in Australia .. "Diagnosed" with metal toxicity (based on hair analysis) often followed up with an EDTA challenge test; Practitioners suggest that several conditions ...

  5. Appendix 13 - 3: Library IDs Sent Between 1/6/04 and 31/5/05) 1, 1, 6906, "A Written Response To Two Flawed Articles on Hair Analysis: Article #1: Hair Mercury Testing: An Accepted and Viable test; Article #2: Hair. 

  6. Can Exposure to Lead Cause ADD? Analysis of lead in hair, while costly, is not a reliable indicator of past exposure, due to possible lead contamination on the outside of the hair, ...

  7. annex6-4, List of all documents distributed by LASA this year Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. InterClinical Laboratories ... Hair Analysis: Exploring the State of the Science. Harkins, Deanna K and Susten, Allan S ...

  8. Lead in Literature An interesting point here is the result of a trace metal analysis of hair samples from the [Neolithic] Iceman. The concentration of lead in them is very ...

  9. Beethoven Lead Poisoned by Danube Fish Based on their DNA analysis of the hair, scientists have been able to reach very precise conclusions about the chemical make up of Beethoven's body in his ...

  10. annex6-2, List of all documents distributed by LASA this year Hair Lead Analysis - A Naturopath's View. Wise, Darren R. 3. 587. Opportunistic Blood Lead Testing In A Paediatric In-Patient Population ...

  11. PDF] LEAD Action News Vol 8 No 3 File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML Walsh, a nationally known expert in hair and. chemical analysis, was recruited ... can learn a great deal about a person from hair. analysis and the labs at ... 

  12. Dietary, Genetic and Other Factors in Human Lead Biokinetics ... chronic lead poisoning, the use of urine challenge testing and hair trace mineral analysis and low-level chelation therapy for heavy metal poisoning. ...

  13. Questions Being Asked About Heavy Metals - Effects and Assessment ... on shellfish etc) and whether arsenic, cadmium, selenium, thallium, antimony, mercury, etc are best assessed by hair, teeth, blood or urine analysis. ... /lanv6n3/lan6n3-7.html

  14. Lead in breast milk ... of the milk during sampling and analysis (eg the Austrian and Italian studies). ... Lead concentrations of milk, blood, and hair in lactating women. ...

  15. WHO Knows About Thallium Pasminco = 0.6 tonne at Boolaroo suggests Blood, Urine, Hair Testing and Saliva ... Better analysis techniques are used now. 0.01 g/Litre can be found in ...

  16. The LEAD Group Newsletters ... Report of Analysis of Flue Dust and Ceiling Cavity Dust ... Lead in Hair - Concern Over its Use as an Indicator of Non-Occupational Exposure ...

  17. 7 Point Plan for the MANAGEMENT OF LEAD by Australian parents and ... ... dust or paint for lead content analysis to Sydney Analytical Laboratories. ... Hair lead tests are uninterpretable. [DISCLAIMER: Our policy is to give ...

  18. Lead in paint on toddler's cot led to her death He said analysis of Cody's hair showed lead levels climbed from two to 69 micrograms in the last two months of her life, corresponding with the onset of ...

  19. The LEAD Group Inc Site Map Lead Analysis Laboratories Lead Spot Test Kit Suppliers ... Probable Cause Of Beethoven Illnesses Chemical Study of Hair Leads to Long-Sought Answers ...

Yours Sincerely
Elizabeth O'Brien

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