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  QUESTION: I have never seen stove polish on any list of sources of lead, 13 May 2005, New South Wales Australia

Was lead ever used in stove polish? I have recently bought and used a product called BLACK LEAD stove polish...probably a discontinued product...marketed by Ford Distributors, Melbourne, Australia. Can you advise whether or not this product contains lead?

If not, how do I ascertain any lead content?

If positive, how do I remove the lead from the old stove (has had one application).

Ron Nunn.

ANSWER: 13 May 2005

Dear Ron,

I'm sorry that I don't know the answer to your question but the fact that I have never seen stove polish on any list of sources of lead despite having made quite a study of it, plus the answer I got from Ford Distributors, would seem to indicate that there is no lead in black lead stove polish. Here's what the man from Ford Distributors said when I rang him just now and asked if there's lead in the product: "no, its lead content is zero & because of that we've never needed to have an MSDS [Material Safety Data Sheet] for it. The term 'black lead' is historical, meaning a filler. 'Black lead', 'grey lead', 'white lead' and 'pink lead' are all different kinds of fillers.

I hope this helps.
Yours Sincerely
Elizabeth O'Brien

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