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  QUESTION: Reducing lead exposure in Australia - 2nd email, 13 Mar 2003, Paris France

Good morning

I'm looking for the following publication :

Berry, M., Garrard, J., Greene, D., Crooks, M. L., Hallebone, E., Braaf, R., and Jacinda, F. (1994). Reducing lead exposure in Australia. Commonwealth of Australia, Australia. Could you provide us with it ?

Thank you very much for your help
Sincerely yours
Michèle Bonnier

ANSWER: 13 Mar 2003

Dear Michele,

The two volumes together are titled "Reducing Lead Exposure in Australia" and Volume 1 has the subtitle: "An Assessment Of Impacts - Report"; and Volume 2 has the subtitle: "Risk Assessment And Analysis Of Economic And Environmental Impacts - Technical Appendices". It was released exactly 9 years ago today on 11th March 1994. It is an excellent publication and if the strategy recommended in it had been followed, we may well have eliminated lead poisoning in the home in Australia by now - but we haven't because the strategy was basically ignored.

I phoned the main author Deni Greene and although she's not certain she could find a complete copy to email to you, she kindly offered to post you one of her spare copies (both Volume 1 and Volume 2) to you at her cost.

Yours sincerely

Dear Michele,

further to my previous email (below), I have received a phonecall from AusInfo to answer the query I left in a message on the weekend. AusInfo have changed their web address and can be found on the website of the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy. The online bookshop on that website unfortunately does not list all their titles - only the best sellers. AusInfo has about 100 copies of "Reducing lead exposure in Australia" but they can only sell you a copy of Volume 1, as Volume 2 is "obsolete" [out-of-print]. It costs approximately Aus$27 plus postage overseas. You can order it by Email on teleinfo[at] or Fax mail sales on +61 2 6293 8333. The phone number is +61 2 6293 8301.
I have asked Environment Australia, the government agency that publishes all the other publications on lead, whether they have an emailable copy or a hard copy of Volume 2 but they have not rung back to say yes or no yet.
I just received a response to an earlier phone enquiry I made to the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and the good news is that they have found a spare copy of both Volumes 1 and 2 and they will post them to our Library today.
Please let me know by return email if you would like to borrow Volumes 1 and 2 from our Library or buy Volume 1 from AusInfo and borrow Volume 2 from our library.
Yours sincerely
Dear Michele,
I'm sorry but our library only has one copy of the publication you have requested and our policy is to only loan an item that we have a second copy of. If you cannot obtain a copy anywhere else, we could consider photocopying ours for you but the publication is in two parts: Volume 1 "An Assessment of Impacts" [main REPORT including a 45 page Executive Summary] is around 250 pages long and Volume two "Technical Appendices" is around 180 pages long so you may only want Volume 1 or even just the Executive Summary. It is supposed to be available to buy from AusInfo - Commonwealth Government Info Shop - see but it may be out of print.
You might want to ask the main author whether she has a spare copy or has it in emailable form. Her contact details are Deni Greene, Deni Greene Consulting, PO Box 189, Carlton North, Victoria 3054, Australia, ph +61 3 93871655, fax +61 3 93878314, email
Of course, you should be able to organise an inter-library loan from the National Library of Australia - see
I hope this helps. If not, please email me again.
Yours sincerely
Elizabeth O'Brien

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