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Lead Advisory Service News Volume 1 No 1
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The Lead Reference Centre's Lead Education Program

By the Lead Reference Centre and Lead Advisory Service (NSW)

The Lead Reference Centre (LRC) has been established to coordinate the New South Wales Government's policy response to lead hazards as well as coordinate statewide education initiatives. The LRC is committed to improving the community's understanding of environmental lead hazards and increase their ability to take action to reduce their risk of exposure to lead.

The LRC is located within the grounds of Gladesville hospital and operates with a staff of six. It is administered by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and supported with funding contributions from the NSW Department of Housing, Department of Public Works & Services, the Department of Health, the Roads & Traffic Authority, the WorkCover Authority and the EPA.

There are already increasing national and international concerns about the effects of lead on human health and the environment. The LRC is taking a whole-of-government approach to developing plans for a lead safe New South Wales.

A major goal of the LRC and the Lead Education Program is also to increase community awareness about lead risks.

On 22nd September 1997 NSW Environment Minister Pam Allan launched the Lead Education Program (LEP) of the NSW Government with the first two publications in the LEP "Lead Safe" series:

"A Guide for Health Care Professionals" which is a 32 page booklet

"Lead, Your Health and the Environment" which is a factsheet for patients

At the end of December 1997 the above factsheet will become available in 7 community languages, that is: Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Macedonian, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese

All of the Lead Education Program "Lead safe" publications are available from the NSW Health Department's Better Health Centre:

Phone: (02) 9954 1193

Fax: (02) 9955 5196

The following LEP "Lead Safe" publications will be available shortly from the same Centre:

"Old Lead Paint" factsheet
"Lead and Home Renovators" factsheet
"Lead Safe Housekeeping" factsheet
"Lead in Ceiling Dust" factsheet
"A Guide for Parents and Families" booklet

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