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LEAD Action News Vol 3 no 2 Autumn 1995 ISSN 1324-6011
Incorporating Lead Aware Times ( ISSN 1440-4966) and Lead Advisory Service News ( ISSN 1440-0561)
The journal of The LEAD (Lead Education and Abatement Design) Group Inc.

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HydraEditorial - by Elizabeth O'Brien and Ann Gethin

The main focus of this issue is 'The ecological unsustainability of the car' and how lead is pertinent to this. Our lead article is "The environmental cost of the car" and we have two articles on lead acid batteries, one about Australia's recycling efforts and another about the false environmental promise of lead acid battery powered electric cars and some thought provoking graphics. Reproduced, is an item from a Sydney anti-freeway group and the sentiments expressed apply equally to other cities, to the car manufacturing industry and all its supporting industries

The multi-headed hydra makes another appearance this newsletter (see LEAD Action News Vol. 2, No. 4) as we report on yet more reasons to get the lead out (see page 6-7 of this issue).

Elizabeth O'Brien attended the Women and Environment Conference in March at an incongruously ritzy Melbourne hotel next to the casino. Despite the surrounds I brought home a 'new way of seeing' which helped to conquer bureaucratic indifference in the following month (see articles on the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development).

In May, The LEAD Group was invited to a consultation with some of Australia's government and industry delegates to the OECD lead control ad meetings. The meeting was incredibly frustrating for its lack of documents and basic lack of intention to consult. More of this in the next issue.

While we're talking indifference Australia recently acquired a national Code of Practice for the Control and Safe Use of Inorganic Lead at Work. As you will learn in the article on page 13, it is already out of date!

Research reports this month include articles by Lead Group Expert, Brian Gulson on home recontamination (p. 2) and by Needleman and Bellinger m the need for research into the links between senility and lead poisoning in earlier life etc. (p. 15) We ask - "why isn't the government paying for it?"

Why don't we ever have any recalls due to lead poisoning risk eg toys, crayons (see article this issue). Lead in ammunition is a growing use of lead - we add our voice to the US call to stop producing look-alike guns.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Lead Action News - next edition will feature soil contamination and should also have some good news about commonwealth funding for The LEAD Group, more on the OECD Council act in the next newsletter.

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