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VAP Awards, ILPP Week of Action, Lead Poisoning and Stuttering


  1. Volcano Art Prize (VAP) 2016 Awards held during International Lead Week of Action
  2. Editorial
  3. Volcano Art Prize (VAP) 2016 – Winners
  4. 2016 Volcano Art Prize (VAP) Awards Ceremony photo essay
  5. Paint with Dangerous Lead Levels Widely Sold in All Developing Regions of the World
  6. Pintura con Peligrosos Niveles de Plomo se Vende Ampliamente en Todas las Regiones en Desarrollo del Mundo
  7. Peinture avec des Niveaux de Plomb Dangereux est Largement Vendue dans Toutes les Régions en Développement du Monde
  8. Proud to Announce VINCO Full Stainless Steel Tapware
  9. Letter to the Editor
  10. A jam-maker’s view of pectin
  11. Stuttering and Lead Poisoning: stories from the last century
  12. How does lead exposure affect our eyes?
  13. Cómo afecta a nuestros ojos la exposición al plomo?
  14. Info Pack – Lead fact sheet series of publications by NSW EPA
  15. Info Pack - Managing lead hazards in childcare centres and schools
  16. Info Pack - Renting and Lead - What residential landlords and agents should know
  17. List of events for the international lead poisoning prevention week of action 23-29 October 2016
  18. Free Subscription to e-Newsletter Notifications / Membership & Donation Forms


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