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Volunteer Personnel

Please find following the Committee and Technical Advisory Board (TAB) lists and a list of all office staff and work-from-home researchers who volunteered their time during the period.

 GLASS Technical Advisory Board (TAB) and area of lead-related expertise

  1. Professor Brian Gulson            isotopic fingerprinting, lead toxicokinetics

  2. Dr Val Brown                          environment, consumers

  3.  Dr Jill Maddison                      veterinary research

  4. Dr Karl Kruszelnicki                medical and scientific commentator

  5. Dr John Wlodarczyk                statistician

  6. Dr Kate Hughes                      political science, toxics campaigning, Olympics

  7. Dr Marc Grunseit                    professional and hobby (leadlighting) safety

  8. Dr Ben Balzer                          general practice

  9. Graeme Waller                        pathology, environmental assessment

  10. Fred Salome                            industrial chemistry, paint

  11. Jack Haley                              automotive engineering, environmental impacts of vehicles

  12. Michelle Calvert                      local government, lead advice and referral

  13. Michael Mobbs                       environmental law

  14. Elizabeth O'Brien                     community advocacy, international campaigning

  15. Theresa Gordon                      point source community advocacy, international campaigning

  16. Robin Mosman                        conflict resolution, writing

  17. Rosemary Ayoub                     early childhood education

  18. Mike van Alphen                     public health and environmental investigation

  19. Carol Bodle                             residential lead assessment and occupational hygiene

  20. Darryl Gerrity                          local government policy


GLASS Committee

  1. Elizabeth O’Brien, B Sc, Grad Dip Educational Studies (Health)            President

  2. Michelle Calvert, former GLASS Education Officer Deputy President

  3. Frances Xu, BA, enrolled Aust’n Grad School of Management              Treasurer

  4. Roger Kilburn, Australian Police Medal (APM)                                     Secretary

  5. Carol Bodle, B Med Sc (Hon), M App Sc (OH&S), Grad Dip Occupational Hygiene   Committee Member

  6. Madeline Aitken, B Arts in Communications (Social Inquiry)                  Committee Member

Public Officer  Fred Salome, B Sc (Hon. Organic Chemistry)


Office Volunteers and Work-from-home Researchers

  1. Elizabeth O’Brien, GLASS Manager

  2. Harrison Desmond, PowerPoint Executive and Computer Technologist

  3. David Ratcliffe, Webmaster

  4. Alex Jewson, Administrator & Fundraising

  5. José Ponce, Accountant

  6. “Sun” Yick Chan, Accountant and Data-Entry Officer

  7. Thalia Oneeglio, Accountant Advisor

  8. Biprajyoti Datta, Data-Entry Officer, Trainee Accountant & Systems Administrator

  9. Ian Smith, Systems Administrator

  10. Anne Roberts, Writer & Researcher

  11. Noela Whitton, Library Item Collector and Video-Recorder

  12. John Faryna, Onsite Systems Administrator

  13. Eric Guo, Onsite Systems Administrator

  14. Peter Changqing Cheng, Database Systems Administrator

  15. Erik Wibowo, Consumer Products Researcher and Data-Entry Officer

  16. “Josephine” Giuseppina Tesoriero, Consumer Products & General Lead Researcher

  17. Penelope Blackmore, Lead Poisoning and Consumer Products Researcher

  18. Katie Kwong, Legislation Researcher

  19. Omprakash Damodaran, Lead Poisoning Medical Researcher

  20. Patricia Waley, Lead Poisoning and Ageing Researcher

  21. Elizabeth Mark, Consumer Products Research

  22. Sanchit Poonacha, OH&S Researcher

  23. Nathan Jacobs, Lead Poisoning Medical Researcher

  24. Daniel Hyslop, Public Relations

  25. Sandra Palomino, Australian Lead OH&S Regulations Researcher

  26. Kalhari Jayaweera, Australian Lead OH&S Regulations Researcher

  27. Shaira Ismael, Lead Poisoning Medical Researcher

  28. Michael Ching, Consumer Products Researcher

  29. Jude Roseth, Data Analyst

  30. Hao Cao, Commerce

  31. Maninder Ghotra, Public Health

  32. Madeline Aitken, Global Lead Poisoning Phase-Out Researcher

  33. Archna Data-Entry Officer and Data-Entry Officer Trainer

  34. Hasibah Keriwala, Information Officer, Office Manager & Fundraiser

  35. Stella Qu, E-waste Researcher

  36. Shahilla Balachandran, Information Officer

  37. Wanjin Wu, Office Manager

  38. Jessie Chen, Office Manager

  39. Jakir Hossain, Office Manager

  40. Fiouna Langi, Office Manager

  41. Quratulain Qureshi, Office Manager

  42. Edward Sourie, Office Manager

  43. Bindiya Agarwal, Data-Entry Officer and Office Manager

  44. Dharma Selva, Data-Entry Officer

  45. Dianeetha Nilanthi Kulasena, Data-Entry Officer

  46. Danuta Sulkowski, Data-Entry Officer

  47. Mohan Mohan, Reporting to Department of Fair Trading

  48. Maruf Ahmed, Data-Entry Officer

  49.  Cindy Leung, Data-Entry Officer

  50. Xi "Ellen" Yuan, Data-Entry Officer

  51. Amirthini Daneshan, Data-Entry Officer

  52. Wei Gao, Fundraising

  53. Luke Alexander, Global Lead Poisoning Awareness Week Public Relations

  54.  Linda Duong, Actuary

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