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Annual Report from LASA to SA Dept of Human Services & NSW Govt
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"NSW Heritage Office told me to call NSW EPA re policy on removal of ceiling dust. There's a lot of dust in our 1923 Heritage home but none of the home maintenance information from the NSW Heritage Office mentions lead-safe renovations or ceiling dust."

Caller was advised to let NSW Heritage Office know about their oversight & how to refer enquirers directly to LASA.




Caller said LASA is "extremely informative" after Dulux also gave her the number for Environment Australia and she rang EA who said they will send her a Lead Alert booklet but they couldn't answer her curly question or give any advice.



The man who sold her her 1920 house said he had painted it when he was 15 & there was no lead paint inside the house. She tested the older layers & found lead so she hopes there will one day be legislation to stop this kind of deceit.



[RE: new outgoing message on LASA ph saying EA funding had been suspended & callers could ring Dr Kemp if they couldn't get answers anywhere else] "That was wonderful - that's absolutely marvellous. I'll have to think of a way to help you."



IMB: "This is useless - absolutely useless" says anonymous female caller with European accent after hearing outgoing LASA 1800 message saying EA funding had been suspended & callers could ring Dr Kemp if they couldn't get answers anywhere else.

LASA staff will continue to seek funding from Environment Australia as the most logical government source.



Incoming email from Sydney University researcher: "thanks so much Elizabeth for answering the questions from the boat captain in Thailand. I'm sorry to hear that your funding was doubt the government gave it to a private school. All the best."



Incoming email: "The service provided by The LEAD Group in generating community awareness of the dangers of Lead is a very valuable service to the future of Australia's children. I wish TLG every success in regaining funding for this vital service."



Qld client: "I'm absolutely shocked & appalled to think that your funding should have been suspended because I think it's an incredibly important service that you provide & community awareness of lead is still very low in spite of the information around."



"You're providing a very valuable service trying to standardise the approach to lead management among various countries like Australia, UK and USA" says UK documentary film-maker who rang from London for advice on lead paint management at his workplace.



"Finally! A site that addresses lead content in old cast iron bathtubs!" says architect from Connecticut, USA. 



"Elizabeth O'Brien has done more than anyone to protect Australian children from lead, and as you can plainly see, this is something for which all Australians owe her a debt of gratitude" says GP.



Melbourne father who has to renovate peeling paint says "the paint companies should pay for LASA funding or they should be sued for abatement costs". 



Council officer says "its no good producing good snapshot factsheets like the Lead Safe factsheets and then not having copies available."

Council officer will ring the NSW Health Dept & possibly organise for the Council to write to the NSW Health Minister.




San Jose, California MD "Your website is a superb source of info Thankyou" Including US$200 donation to LEAF  



Outgoing egroup post notifying Global Lead Network of new Lodged Lead Shot or Bullet Support Group is greeted with Incoming email: "Great work Elizabeth! and Thank YOU!" from Barbara Miller of the Silver Valley People's Action Coalition, Kellogg, Idaho US



Woman who wanted some detailed pro-forma info (what to quote on & what to expect) for a painter who is about to deal with 1920 external lead paint says NSW EPA ph staff & website "were not much use. The best thing I got from them was LASA ph no."



Woman asks "Where do I stand if I have a puppy & an 8 yr old son & the neighbours are allowing lead paint (positive spot test kit) to fall off their building line which runs the length of our property?" adds "Marrickville Council has always been useless."

Caller was referred to the acting Council LEAD Project Liaison Officer at Marrickville [plus online info] in the hope he will be helpful.




"It's fantastic that you run this service for people like me who worry a lot and ask a lot of questions." says very concerned mother of 6 mth old baby in old rental property.



"I worry that my husband's jumper got contaminated with lead paint and now it's throughout the baby's clothes - which the baby sucks on." After communicating: "You're really a God-send - you have relieved so many of my concerns."



"You were so helpful when I spoke to you - you gave me hope that my daughter could be treated" says mum to EOB. Seven yr old Pb & Cd poisoned daughter has PDD & eats all manner of shiny metallic plastic toys & objects.



"I have spoken to people in all relevant state govt depts and the Poisons Info Vic today but noone could tell me how I get a lead assessment in Melbourne until I spoke to LASA. What's the point of publicising the problem with no answers?"

LASA provided the names of 4 Melbourne lead assessors and a Sydney lead assessor who sells a do-it-yourself kit.




"Thanks for all the information. You are a saint" says Canadian lead poisoning prevention webmistress who had asked Leadnet for info on effects of lead exposure in girls vs boys.



Caller, relieved to talk to LASA, says: "I called 10 different phone numbers before I got yours but finally the local council told me about you. Environment Australia said they could send a brochure out but there was noone there to talk to me about lead."



44 year old woman with blood lead level of 26 ug/dL & about to start IVF writes 2nd email: "Many thanks for your prompt reply. I'm in England and found your website most helpful."



"I've tried both the home & mobile numbers of Lead Alert in Melbourne you (EOB of ADRA) gave me, yet no one is answering nor returning my call & Lead Alert is not mentioned - they appear to be private numbers."

EOB left ph message on mobile for Lead Alert Melbourne asking him to add "Lead Alert" to his outgoing messages & call if he's still working. EOB emailed Colin Rule asking him again to fix the problem.




"Some people go through life leaving a small mark of their presence, but you will have left an impression that will last and has impacted so many lives for a very long time. You are appreciated by so many" says Sth Aust'n LASA client in email to E O'Brien



"You have a very comprehensive website" says caller who needs to find contractors to remove lead dust from his ceiling cavity. [He had not found the link to on]



"You're the first person I've spoken to who's been able to help me. Thanks so much", says grandmother of 24 yr old tobacco chewer with aggression psychosis withdrawal symptoms. Lead listed as ingredient on tin. 3 govt agencies knew nothing.



Pregnant tenant in highly leaded Federation home said Marrickville Council woman knew nothing about lead or about the CLP Tool Kit so was no use at all when she rang to ask for an EHO to collect samples for lab analysis.



"Thanks for all the fine work you are doing down under", says Oregon, USA board member of Silver Valley People's Action Coalition [against lead poisoning] to Elizabeth O'Brien.



Caller enquiring about lead in paint, petrol, soil, dust and air says to Elizabeth O'Brien: "The woman at the [NSW] EPA said you'd know everything there is to know about lead and she was right."



7 mths pregnant woman who was present when husband sanded 1950s house says to EOB "you're the first person I've spoken to today who has been able to answer all my questions - everyone else just said go get a blood lead test."



"It's stupid that I never thought that lead could be an issue all the time I was dry-sanding my 1938 flat but now I have a 6 month old baby, her safety is foremost in my thinking. Thanks for all your advice & your website" says DIY renovating Melb. Mother



"It seems to me that the [Victorian] DHS has not given the lead issue the level of concern shown by their equivalent in NSW. Too often organisations only

learn by bitter experience." says Melbourne lead assessor.

Having failed to interest the DHS in lead after much effort, the best LASA can do is keep referring Victorian callers to DHS, as per Prof Catford's advice.




Leichhardt pre-parietal woman in 1890 home had no witnesses to her request to plasterer to manage ceiling dust safely prior to ceiling demolition so will not be able to sue him for serious dust contamination of home.

EOB said since I'm meeting with the NSW Industrial Relations Minister tomorrow on another matter, I'll try to bring the issue to his attention.




Woman who saw a "10 second segment" on ABC News in Tasmania telling people to take care with lead now that renovation is so popular, says "thanks very much for your advice and your service [LASA] - it's much appreciated. The media needs to do more."



RTA NSW was phoning to check that LASA still exists & was relieved to hear it does because an elderly resident with elevated blood & tank water lead levels is really freaking out & blames the road 400m away. Needs correct info tho' Health Dep is involved.



Caller is appalled at the laissez faire attitude of local painters to lead paint in Northam WA and that the LASA staff aren't waged and LASA not funded by Western Australia.

Caller will let Master Painters know they need to provide lead training, the Painters Registration Board know they need to record who is lead-trained and ask the Premier to fund LASA.




"The lack of funding for the Lead Advisory Service is just showing you how ignorant people are - you are doing such a good job, you should be funded. It is so important that people understand that chelated metals are useful but ionic metals are a burden."



"Your service is wonderful - it's the only service that deals with every aspect of lead poisoning & lead contamination prevention & that feels it has a duty to inform the public before they make mistakes. Not like NSW WorkCover who fine you after."



Q: Our ECHC has the Lead Safe factsheets published in 1997 but I'm wondering if you have any more up-to-date ones? A: The NSW Health Minister prior to Mr Iemma promised in 2002 that these & the booklets would be revised, I've heard of no progress since.

Caller was advised to phone Mr Iemma's office to ask for an update & also ask if they could all be web-published when revised & reprinted.




Victorian renovator says: "Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge and for sharing your experience with me. I'll now sit down with my wife & discuss how to carry out all your recommendations."



"The Office of Chemical Safety, Fed Dept of Health in Canberra provides advice on the safe use of chemicals in Australia & a Victorian farmer asked us how/if he should test rainwater from a lead flashed roof or kids PbB. You [EOB] have been very helpful."



Heatgunner who found paint store only had 1995 edn Lead Alert booklet which has no valid ph no's says: "I think this is very serious & there's not enough information. Not one person at Victorian DHS can tell me about lead or give me a valid ph no."

2nd Edition of Lead Alert booklet provided plus copy for paint store, plus up-to-date information and referrals from The Lead Advisory Service and comments to inspire caller to ensure info & services are available for others.





"Thankyou Elizabeth for doing such a wonderful job and running this fabulous service for the community" says woman who has researched for weeks to find a reliable ceiling dust removalist even though she can't really afford it.

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