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Rhode Island Renters

In the American State of Rhode Island, renters can now see if their properties are free from lead hazards.

The Housing Resources Commission (HRC) launched, in May 2008 an online database listing more than 15,000 rental premises which are certified as free from lead hazards. Under the Lead Mitigation Act landlords who own rental properties built before 1978, the year lead in house paint was limited to 0.06% in the USA, must have their premises examined for lead hazards. To obtain a ‘Certificate of Conformance’ a property is required to be certified by an inspector licensed by the HRC. The inspector tests for the presence of lead dust and examines the building for lead mitigation measures such as covering contaminated soil with paving.

Under the legislation landlords must also attend a three hour education session on lead mitigation.

See R.I.’s lead-safe list goes on Web;
HRC’s Lead Mitigation Certificate Search.

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