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LEAD Action News Vol 1 no 2 Winter 1993   ISSN 1324-6011
Incorporating Lead Aware Times ( ISSN 1440-4966) and Lead Advisory Service News ( ISSN 1440-0561)
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Acknowledgements / thanks

NRMA Working with the Community.

The NRMA (National Roads and Motorists Association) has made a substantial once-off donation to The LEAD Group, of the order of the also highly appreciated donation by Canon of a fantastic photocopier. We have allocated half the NRMA's money to upgrading our communications - i.e. installing and renting a dedicated fax line and a business phone line which will be listed in the next phone book. The other half will continue to cover postage and other essentials in the running of the Community Lead Information Centre.

Many thanks also to Fuji Xerox for donating a superb Xerox plain paper broadcasting fax machine.

Claris has kindly donated File Maker Pro, database soft­ware which will be invaluable in setting up a database of CLIC Library holdings, once we get Windows and the extra RAM needed to run the program. Support to cover postage costs has again come from Elite Maintenance Service. Thanks again. Another major source of support remains subscriptions - so every one of our members is valued as are the contributions of time and effort made by the scores of people involved in the national effort to control lead and in the production of this journal. Space is limited but I would especially like to thank the following people:

CLIC Office Manager and Volunteer Organiser David Ratcliffe, without whose vast input of time and good humour when things get hectic, CLIC could not function.

Treasurer Kerry O'Donnell is doing a great job of ensuring a little money goes a long way.

Lobby team members and supporters in the network Theresa Gordon of No-LEAD provides the dedication and knowledgeableness which makes us a formidable team. Dr Garth Alperstein is always there for us. Herbert Beauchamp of Total Environment Centre has directed sizeable amounts of his environmental lobbying efforts over to lead, and Anne Reeves of ACF (Australian Conservation Foundation) fits an amazing amount of lead work into her busy schedule. Naomi Segal of Greenpeace in Perth offers much useful advice, and Dr Chloe Mason in Sydney guides our fundamental approach to solutions to the lead problem. Ted Floyd of FoE (Friends of the Earth) has recently outfitted our library with a solid base of early research papers. The move by Ann Gethin (Industry Liaison for The LEAD Group) out of Sydney in order to protect her son from lead, is a great loss.

Cartoons and other graphics Simon {Hieronymus} Bosch, Simon Kneebone, Alexander Claud (8 years old), Fiona Paige, Augustina Jones and Vivien Carson (11 years old) have all kindly donated their work.

[Please contact The LEAD Group for permission to reprint any cartoons or graphics.]

  • Permission to reprint poem Mrs K Baxter

  • Greene article Mary Scott, NHMRC

  • graphic in Gordon article Simon Bosch

  • Mason extract Norm Crothers, ACA (Australian Consumers Association).

  • Typists Shirley He, Mangala Vadivale, Wan Yi, Jenny Fan.

  • Inspiration for "Keeping the Outside Out", David Attenborough and Ian McFadyen.

Offers of help

  • for organising an info night for Sydney parents in August, Stephen Whale.

  • for seeking corporate funding, Sandra Coggley.

  • for promoting, after culling, last year's Info Kit, John Harvey.

  • Loan of laser printer Fred Salome.

Pro bono legal advice about incorporation John Grimes of Sly and Weigall (arranged by Nitin Singhi of Public Interest Law Clearinghouse, Public Interest Advocacy Centre).

Distribution Thanks to everyone who photocopies, distributes or. promotes this journal, the information in it, or other information to support the aims.

For answering the question: How did the plumbago plant (leadwort) get its name?

Sydney Botanic Gardens informs us that Linnaeus named the plant for the lead-blue colour of the flowers. It is not a miracle cure for lead poisoning. Pity!

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