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PCM Enviro - managing the clean-up of shooting ranges in Australia

By Paul Mitchell, Director, PCM Enviro P/L, www.pcmenviro.com; admin@pcmenviro.com email sent to The LEAD Group,
Sunday 25th June 2017

Along with my brother Craig we are the Directors of PCM Enviro Pty Ltd.

We specialise in the environmental management, assessment, design and construction along with remediation works for shooting ranges all over Australia. We are the company that is at the forefront of assessing and managing the clean-up of shooting ranges throughout Australia.

We are also the preferred company for the Australian Clay Target Association (ACTA).

Our expertise comes from not only being accomplished shooters, but from being in the environmental earthmoving and construction industry for the past 20 years. Our ideas to make shooting sustainable long into the future by making our shooting ranges environmentally friendly is a huge passion of ours.

We have worked on the biggest Shooting ranges around Australia including helping design the new 2018 Commonwealth Games shotgun range that has just been built in Brisbane. Other large projects include the clean-up and remediation of the Sydney International Shooting Centre (2000 Olympics site) earlier this year and the ongoing clean-up of the Frankston Australia Clay Target Club in Victoria… and many more.

The specially designed machines (photo above) we have to collect the lead shot from shooting grounds are the only 3 machines of their type in Australia. You can see the process from start (preparation works- to finish (forklifting the bagged lead pellets onto a truck to go to the licensed recycler) - in the film at https://vimeo.com/155628018

These state of the art PCM Enviro lead machines keep operators safe in their working environment and minimise the handling of any material.

Lead shot collection is only a part of the overall picture in our services provided to shooting ranges. PCM Enviro is also a leader in the recovery of Wads and Clay Targets (which contain polyaromatic hydrocarbons – PAHs).

We also are the exclusive distributors for Shotstop shooting curtain systems; these curtains are specially designed to be used at shotgun ranges to decrease the contamination area of a gun club’s fall out area by more than 50%! This means we can capture all the lead shot and contain it in a more manageable area, before collection by our lead machines. This is the system we designed and supplied for the 2018 Commonwealth Games site in Brisbane. You can see a brief video of our Shotstop Curtain System installation of the Comm Games site, at https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JFBA51zL0QY&feature=youtu.be

The Shotstop shooting curtain system (see green “wall” in photo at left) design allows contamination onsite to be better managed through our ongoing site management process, and agreements.

We firmly believe we have now developed a successful model of an ‘Environmentally Friendly’ shooting facility and are working within the industry to implement our designs and vision for the future of the sport.

We are the only company of our kind in Australia.

I look forward to making a time for us to talk further.

Regards, Paul Mitchell. Paul Mitchell 0415965423, Craig Mitchell 0414417136

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