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LEAD Action News Volume 15 Number 2, February 2015, ISSN 1324-6011
Incorporating Lead Aware Times ( ISSN 1440-4966) and Lead Advisory Service News (ISSN 1440-0561)
The Journal of The LEAD (Lead Education and Abatement Design) Group Inc.
Editor-in-Chief: Elizabeth O’Brien, Editorial Team: Yiru Rocky Huang, Michelle Calvert and David Ratcliffe

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This edition contains some excellent information and reporting on lead news from around the world. First of all, we highly recommend our new fact sheet which contains a list of foods for reducing lead absorption (http://www.leadsafeworld.com/solutions/foods-for-lead-detox/) to incorporate into your balanced diet, daily. Rocky and Elizabeth created a report on a Forensic Files episode related to a lead poisoning fatality in the USA, immigrant children and refugees.

Also in this jam-packed edition of LEAD Action News, we have included Elizabeth's collation of articles on lead exposure and its link to dementia; an article for those of you who are into community gardening as a reminder to stay vigilant when growing your own food; our fascinating correspondence with George Chapman in which we wrote about lead in aluminium cookware; the best fact sheets for Lead Workers and information on a free online Environmental Sensitivities Symposium that starts on 23 March 2015! This symposium is courtesy of our newest Lead Safe World Partner, Eco Health Solutions.

The Lead Safe World website will continue to promote lead safety actions that everyone can use to combat this silent epidemic anywhere in the world, rather than being a broad-ranging archive of information about the history of lead, the health effects of lead, sources of lead contamination etc., as our existing web site is (www.lead.org.au). Additionally, under Solutions, there's a Blood Lead Challenge flyer for a project I encourage all our readers and supporters to participate in. This is a part of our major project in 2015, which involves collating data and creating a searchable database of blood lead information alongside results of lab analysis of environment samples like dust, paint, etc. As this is a mammoth task, we'd like to thank you in advance if you decide to be a part of this project!

We have continued to add to the Partners section (http://www.leadsafeworld.com/partners/) and this section informs visitors of our Lead Safe World Partners' website which has information about products and services that help manage lead poisoning and lead contamination. These organisations and products will be easily-identified by the Logos: ‘Lead Free’, ‘Lead Safe’ and ‘Lead Away.’

Having said this, we would like to extend our invitation to all partnerships and companies with proven solutions to lead problems, lead-free products and lead-safe services, to join us.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you to get your entries in for the 2015 Volcano Art Prize (VAP) now at: www.volcanoartprize.com! Remember, we're accepting short films this year and we already have a short film entry! Entries close Monday 27th July 2015.

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