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Restoration of the CDC Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Prevention program and 2014 Budget Update

 This morning, the FY2014 Omnibus budget package was released, and contained good news for a critical program to ensure the health or our nation's children, the CDC Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Prevention program. This program, which maintains a national surveillance system that monitors blood lead testing for children and supports state and local lead screening and case management programs, was funded at $15 million, and dramatic increase from last year's appropriation of $2.45 million. Two years ago, the CDC lead program was cut from $29 million to $2 million, with no direct funding to state lead poisoning prevention programs. Hopefully with this increase in funding the national program will be able to resume support for the local efforts.

The CDC Asthma Control program was funded at a $24,700,000 level, a small decrease from the previous level of $28,372,000.

Also, The HUD Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control budget was released. The office was budgeted $110 million, a decrease from the previous level of $120 million. Of that total, $15 million is provided for the healthy homes initiative. While we hope that level is enough for HUD to have healthy homes production grants available, that amount at least speaks to a level to continue the healthy homes technical studies and the supplemental healthy homes funding that can be utilized with the lead hazard control grant program. Regarding the lead hazard demonstration reduction program, lead funds set aside for municipalities with the highest needs, $45 million has been made available. The Department is directed to provide an implementation plan for the healthy homes funds by September 30, 2014 and to focus efforts on addressing mold, radon, pests, and asthma.

The Weatherization Assistance Program for FY14 is funded at $174 million, which is also great news.  There had been some concern that WAP funding may stay at a lower annual level following the influx of funds for weatherization during ARRA (the stimulus).  The FY14 level is more in line with pre-ARRA funding for the program.

The National Institutes of Health is provided with $30 billion, an increase of $1 billion over the post-sequestration FY 2013 funding level. Also, the $1 billion sequester cut that NIH was scheduled to take later this month has been cancelled.

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