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The LEAD Group's Strategic Plan FY 2015

Below are the actions that The LEAD Group plans to achieve in financial year 2015:

What does The LEAD Group uniquely have to offer?

  • Expertise on Lead poisoning and prevention on a global scale developed over many years.
  • Our three websites are unique in the world: www.lead.org.au, is the most accessed non government website in the world devoted to lead; www.leadsafeworld.com, it is the only website with solutions to lead problems created jointly by companies and a not for profit organisation.
  • The only Australian tax deductible gift fund focused on Lead Safety in the environment.  The Lead Education and Abatement Fund (LEAF)
  • Revenue items The LEAD Group needs to promote / Things The LEAD Group has to “sell”: donations, bequests, memberships (individual, corporate and Australian Dust Removalists Association - ADRA memberships), kits, entry fees for VAP and sale of rights to reprint VAP graphics, plus Calendars from October to December each year, and “Local Heroes” books.
  • Opportunities for social contributions by big profit organisations.

Financial Planning Strategies

  • Determine operating costs (non-wage) without sponsorship and grants for FY 2014-2015 by analysing speedy\accounts\Budget TLG 1112 (GLASS, LEAD, LEAF, LSWP)-FY2012-13 to FY2014-15.  To determine how many kits would need to be sold to cover this cost and analyse price posts for Kits to meet this target.
  • Audit the current cost of production of the VAP Calendar and how this investment can be leveraged to increase income such as Kit Sales, LSW Partnerships and VAP 2015 Entries.  Currently 250 entries would be required to cover the costs of the printing and cash prize.
  • Explore the possibility of having a website just for kit sales, including search engine optimisation (SEO) as well as domain registration and hosting costs.
  • Research sponsorship opportunities and seek sponsorship to cover costs
  • Research Information Technology cost cutting options: Windows operating system platform and software on all machines.   Investigate volume licences for not for profit organisations. Investigate phone systems and look into the cost of transfer from a PXB phone system to a VOIP ( Voice Over Internet Protocols) solution

Internship & Volunteering Recruitment, Training & Supervision

  • The LEAD Group will investigate the use of university internship, career volunteer websites and Gumtree, to encourage community engagement and to promote awareness of the cause.  The LEAD Group, previously used such services and it should look at re-establishing these links with the http://seek.com.au  website 
  • Reconnect with previous provider www.seek.com.au volunteering section to advertise for volunteering positions.
  • Set targets with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the various tasks to be carried out by volunteers and interns, in order to fully engage them in the process. Eg As at Wednesday 30/7/14 the kit emails data-entry process was lagging behind by 78 incoming emails and 59 outgoing emails and there were 39 Info Pack emails awaiting data-entry. Thus the target was set to have zero incoming and outgoing kit emails awaiting data-entry by Friday 8/8/14 and zero sent Info Packs awaiting data-entry. Also there were a total of 1,854 sent emails awaiting data-entry in the The LEAD Group email account, and a total of 197 sent egroup emails and many of them require library data-entry as well, so the target was set to zero emails in that box by Tuesday 30/9/14. The egroup inbox total emails was 1,865 and these entail many new AddressBook entries, and often new states and suburbs as well as library entries, and the box continually receives more emails as The LEAD Group belongs to more than a dozen egroups, so the target date for zero Egroup inbox emails was set for Thursday 30/10/14.

Strategies to promote The LEAD Group’s unique offerings:

  • Send emails to organisations to request donations.
  • Lead information fact sheet, has to be brief and eye-catching. Informative and easy to understand.
  • Design banner for advertising website. Look into requesting it as a form of support from companies.
  • Social media should be used to promote The LEAD Group. Regularly post on the twitter account @TheLEADGroupInc, YouTube account globalleadgroup and Facebook account https://www.facebook.com/LeadSafeWorld.  Tweets should aim to be uploaded at least once a day during business hours during the business week Monday to Friday. Investigate the prospect of developing a production schedule for creating and uploading You Tube videos, as there are currently only 6 videos.
  • Investigate the prospect of developing of Smartphone apps.
  • Physical banner design, Town Hall or other popular locations. Look into getting license from council.
  • Charity donation collection council permit; check insurance and police notification requirements – for Ashfield Council and City of Sydney Council.
  • Add links to www.lead.org.au and to www.leadsafeworld.com in as many places as possible, on www.volcanoartprize.com
  • Ask clients who work for large companies which offer any relevant services or products, if they will provide LSW or VAP-relevant services pro bono
  • Audit how The LEAD Group use Australia Post and investigate if there is a more suitable uses.Now that the 5th Edition of the Lead Alert: Six Step Guide to Painting Your Home is online (promoting LEAD Group Kits), consistently research links to it from, and pages about lead paint management which SHOULD link to it, on all other government and corporate websites, and draft new text wherever relevant, for those websites, so that they specifically point out the text related to LEAD Group Kits in the Six Step Guide, on their site, for example: http://www.deir.qld.gov.au/workplace/hazards/exposures/lead/paint/index.htm#.U9WT33J-982; http://www.deir.qld.gov.au/workplace/resources/pdfs/lead-paint-checklist.pdf ; and http://www.deir.qld.gov.au/workplace/resources/pdfs/lead-audit-checklist.pdf As soon as all the websites which already mention lead paint management have been modified to point to LEAD Group Kits, then we approach the similar sites which SHOULD contain this info, eg NSW WorkCover, NSW EPA, NSW Health, etc.

The LEAD Group has an affiliation with the Australian Dust Removalists Association (ADRA), whereby ADRA donates to LEAF $20 per month per member’s membership fees.

Strategies for Specific Revenue Streams

Global Lead Advice & Support Service (GLASS)  

global lead advice & support service
global lead advice
    & support service
  • The LEAD Group's Global Lead Advice and Support Service (GLASS) will obtain grants/donations sufficient to be staffed by  three waged full-time positions: Executive Officer, Outreach & Internetworking Officer, Part-time Administrator and Part-time Webmaster, and will utilise volunteer labour and promote DIY sampling lead laboratory analysis kit sales and other forms of income to survive any unfunded period;

  • The LEAD Groups Global Lead Advice and Support Service (GLASS), will generate income to support its activities from annual memberships, sale of DIY-Sampling Lab Analysis Lead Testing Kits, and will also endeavour to gain grants from government and non government organisations as well as donations of cash and in-kind contributions to support its activities.  So The LEAD Group can employ 4 staff members as well as continuing to rely on its volunteers and members.

  • The LEAD Group, having convinced WHO/UNEP to set up an International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action, with the first event held during 20-26 October 2013; we will capitalise on the Week of Action, in future years.
  • Web-viewers coming from at least 200 countries, and phone & email enquirers coming from at least 50 countries in any one year, including at least 6 new (to us) countries, bringing the direct enquiry country tally to at least 132 countries;
  • An end to road-use leaded petrol by 2015, including, that: GLASS has contacted influential people (wherever they may be) who have influence within each of the 6 countries where leaded petrol is still sold, to supply information;
  • Promoted a 2015 start to a double-blind longitudinal study of the potential for healthier longer life of low-dose chelation therapy, detox foods and other nutritional or detoxing interventions for the billions of people who have already been exposed to lead
                  Lead Safe World Project (LSWP)
  • The LEAD Group launched www.leadsafeworld.com during the WHO/UNEP International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action (20-26 October 2013); and will continue to add partners and information to the website in order to increase its influence;

  • The LEAD Group's quarterly E-newsletter LEAD Action News will be web-published in English and if possible in Chinese every quarter, on both www.lead.org.au & www.leadsafeworld.com;
  • The LEAD Group aims to publish its e-newsletter in other languages in the future.  If you would like to volunteer to translate to your language to assist The LEAD Group, then please contact us.
  • Promote the facility on our website such that web-viewers can subscribe for free to a specific language LEAD Action News to be emailed to them when ready for web-publication, by inputting their name, location, state, country and email address;
  • At least one new or updated factsheet being web-published every quarter in English and if possible at least one language other than English, on both www.lead.org.au & www.leadsafeworld.com;
  • Questions and Answers arising through GLASS added to http://www.lead.org.au/q&a/qna.html] and on www.leadsafeworld.com;
  • The Partners section at http://www.leadsafeworld.com/partners/ will be added to, to include at least 2 new partners every quarter.

Volcano Art Prize (VAP)


  •  The LEAD Group's Volcano Art Prize (VAP) 2014 will be judged and prizes awarded, The Lead Safe World Calendar 2015 will be printed and distributed to potential partners of the Lead Safe World Project. In calendar year 2014, entry into VAP 2014 will be promoted via social networking, crowd-funding, emails and phone calls, and Smartphone apps;
  • Encourage NGO's Non Government Organisations and Governments from at least a dozen countries to organise activities during the inaugural WHO/UNEP International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action (20-26 October 2013) and if possible creating a lead poisoning prevention policy by the 2014 WHO/UNEP International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action (20-26 October 2014) [see our Model National Policy at  http://www.lead.org.au/Model_National_Public_Health_Policy_on_the_Prevention_of_Lead_Poisoning_20080516.pdf]

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